Get More than Money: Get Peace of Mind

Get More than Money: Get Peace of Mind

Have you ever craved “something more” and gotten it? Theresa and Colin did. They wanted “something more than just returns” when it came to their money. After they chose my team to be their fiduciary financial advisors, they got peace of mind.

As an accomplished couple in their 60s, Theresa and Colin already had enjoyed an exciting and fulfilling life before we started working together. They had lived and worked overseas, raised three independent children, and recently downsized their family home. A team of brokers at a well-known company had managed their investments for years and due to the size of their accounts, Theresa and Colin thought that they were “all set” with their finances. And then, life happened.

Right around the time that Theresa and Colin began learning more about what my team and I do, they began noticing things changing around them. Loved ones battled health conditions that threatened their independence. Married friends were becoming single due to graying divorce and death. Theresa and Colin began to ask themselves, what is next for us? Are we living the life we want?

Seeking answers, Theresa and Colin left their brokerage advisory team and began working with my team. We talked about what they were seeing. They shared what kept them awake at night. They described the legacy that they wanted to leave to loved ones and their community. They sought a more purpose-filled life and wanted their financial decisions to align with their vision.

Theresa and Colin trusted me to listen to what was important to them and advise them on their financial choices. I used financial planning to help them determine that they would like to relocate to a more tax-friendly state. We simplified their financial life by consolidating and coordinating Theresa and Colin’s investment accounts according to their goals. Through our conversations, Colin shared that socially responsible investing was important to him, so we fine-tuned his portfolio positions. With inputs from different insurance specialists, I facilitated reviews of Theresa and Colin’s existing life and long-term care insurance policies and provided them independent perspectives. I also liaised with Theresa and Colin’s accountant and attorney to ensure that the financial planning and investment approach we implemented integrated smoothly with their tax and estate plans.

Every three months Theresa, Colin and I have a ZOOM. They share what is new and different in their lives and I update them on what we are doing with their investment accounts and why. Then we discuss their financial plan and (potential) updates. Through these regular conversations, Theresa and Colin continue to experience clarity, comfort, and confidence with their finances and life.

Have the events of 2020 prompted you to want “something more”? Are you asking new questions of yourself around your life and your finances? If you, like Theresa and Colin, aspire for “something more than just returns” from a fiduciary team of financial professionals, I am right here. It would be a privilege and a pleasure to have a complimentary consultation.

* Theresa and Colin are pseudonyms. The clients’ names have been changed and some details generalized for this article.

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