Discover Who You Truly Are

Discover Who You Truly Are

Deep into preparing for my “Love Your Inner Child” event on a bitterly cold, snowy weekend, I experienced one of those big “a-ha” moments. I had been working through a process of using childhood pictures of myself to connect with what I had been feeling at different points in my life. Why was I happy in this one, but sad in another? It started me journeying down the thread of my childhood. What emerged was the realization that I had built a fortress around myself, protecting my energy and learning how to survive, that had ultimately led to putting myself second and others first. And so my life of codependency emerged.

Do We Really Need Saving?
When I was young, I had a vivid imagination. I spent much of my time in nature, reading, coloring, creating stories in my head. Feeling a deep longing to “go home,” I dabbled in divination and read books to try to put meaning around my life and understand what “God” really was. Raised Catholic, I had never felt at ease in the religion but believed that as souls in this human experience, there was much we could not understand.

In many cases, the stories I had imagined in my early years had a theme—that of being rescued. Someone or something coming into save me, coming in to fix me. Yet in reality, no one ever did. The true key to it all was knowing, believing, that the answers are within me.

A few weeks ago, I had another “a-ha” moment: “No one is coming to save you.”

Because I do not need saving. I do not need rescuing. Because everything I need to know, everything I need to be, is inside of me and has been all along. Many years of recovering from codependence and people pleasing have gradually opened me to the realization that I am worthy of being me. I have value. I have unique skills and gifts.

And here’s the thing: we all do.

Realize Your Gift
It is always within us, that gift from which we were created. That mystery of spirit, God, universe…whatever the word or essence is to you. There is a larger power, energy at work, that gently guides us and speaks to us. Take a few moments to think: Where in your life are you hesitating? What is in the way? Are you seeking permission outside yourself? Think back to your childhood: What were your passions? What did you love? How is that showing up in your life today?

There are many paths to uncovering our true divine nature, to connecting with who we are as spiritual beings. Even through all these years I continue to gain new insights on my soul journey, and I am blessed to be able to offer the same modalities I employ to anyone seeking to explore life’s biggest questions. Take the leap: Permission granted to discover who you truly are.

Through a 40-year corporate career and her own lengthy spiritual journey, Lauri is uniquely qualified to meet her clients wherever they may be in their journey. Perhaps seeking joy in the everyday or challenged by life transitions, Lauri creates a safe, compassionate, sacred space for her clients to explore life’s questions. Sessions are tailored for each client and whatever may arise in the moment as Lauri accompanies clients on a return to joy and completeness in their lives, connecting with their true, divine nature. Ordained by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and as a certified Interspiritual Counselor, Lauri Ingram currently offers spiritual coaching and creativity sessions in person in her Bethany office, as well as by phone and Zoom.

You can learn more about Lauri at: www.lauriingram.com or contact her at: lauri@lauriingram.com or 203.435.5650.