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Biomagnetism: A Powerful Breakthrough for Lyme and Your Health

Biomagnetism: A Powerful Breakthrough for Lyme and Your Health

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Biomagnetism is a revolutionary, scientific, and therapeutic approach to wellness. Practiced internationally, it is a method to balance bioenergetic energy in the body. First, the body is screened for pH imbalances that could cause dysfunction. Then, powerful ceramic magnets are precisely placed on specific points to support the regulation of pH in these areas, allowing for homeostasis so the body can heal itself. After treatment, the body can return to normal immune function, increased circulation, oxygenation, and normalized inflammation.

The Discovery of Biomagnetism
Biomagnetism was discovered in 1988 by Dr. Isaac Goiz, a medical surgeon, after attending a seminar by Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, who explained when working with NASA that he found astronauts had changes in leg lengths following trips into space. Dr. Broeringmeyer found he could restore leg lengths by placing magnets on specific points. Between the two physicians, they discovered the relationship between pH and biomagnetic pair placement. Biomagnetism isn’t the same as magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy uses only one pole of magnetic therapy for more extended periods. In contrast, biomagnetism uses more powerful magnetic pairs for a short amount of time.

Biomagnetism promotes healing by creating a hostile pH environment for specific pathogens. When viruses, parasites, bacteria, and fungi enter the body, they go to specific locations and create a biomagnetic pair. There is an energetic connection with one positive point that is acidic and one negative point that is alkaline. Acidic environments help viruses and fungi while alkaline environments favor bacteria and parasites. Placing magnets at the proper points creates opposites charges to neutralize the pathogen and develop an equilibrium with a neutral pH, allowing to quickly eliminate pathogens and restore the person to health.

Five Types of Biomagnetic Pairs
There are five types of biomagnetic pairs (BMPs) where you can find distortions of pH. These distortions also affect our biomagnetic field. The five types of BMPs that can be treated are as follows: Regular BMPs, Special BMPs, Glandular dysfunctions BMPs, Associated BMPs, and Temporary BMPs.

Regular BMPs have relationships with specific bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites. Their names are related to the specific pathogen.

Special BMPs haven’t been associated with a specific pathogen. They are different than the pathogen pairs and have yet to be identified. They may be related to organs or nerve networks.

Glandular dysfunctions BMPs often originate in the areas surrounding the gland. We can help restore function by correcting the glandular BMPs surrounding the gland and allowing the gland to resolve dysfunction and return to wellness.

Associated BMPs occur when regular BMPs pair together. These can create more complicated diseases such as abscesses, Alzheimer’s, and others. Successfully depolarizing these pairs helps to bring an improvement.

Temporary BMPs form from being intoxicated, traumatized, and poisoned. These pairs address heavy-metal poisoning, injuries, pesticide poisoning, and more.

The magnets used in this treatment are powerful and must be kept away from wallets, credit cards, and pacemakers. Scanning for these pairs is a process that examines changes in the length of the legs. After identifying different BMPs, the practitioner places magnets to see if they restore the leg length to normal. Average treatments take 30-60 minutes.

Treatment of Lyme Disease
Another exciting and new development in biomagnetism is the treatment of Lyme disease. The Lyme Magnetic Protocol was developed by Joan Randall, who had a complete recovery from her Lyme disease using biomagnetism after unsuccessfully trying antibiotics and herbs. Biomagnetic pair therapy brought her back to health and she became certified in biomagnetic pair therapy by Dr. Goiz. Joan developed and trademarked the Lyme Magnetic Protocol to teach other practitioners to eradicate Lyme and other symptoms.

Lyme Disease is very complicated and needs an aggressive treatment approach due to multiple coinfections. My experience shows chronic Lyme Disease is a multi-pathogen syndrome. All of these pathogens need to be addressed and eliminated. Only after successful treatment will the body be restored to wellness. The protocol usually takes 7–10 sessions, with the patient needing to be careful to avoid any reinfection. Some problematic cases and chronic Lyme disease can take up to 20–30 treatments. We treat each patient as an individual and time and protocols will vary by patient. In the beginning, the patient receives treatment every two weeks, progressing eventually to every five weeks. Patients often feel significant improvement after several sessions; however, this isn’t the time to slow down treatment. For successful healing, the treatment must be complete. Other factors also must be addressed, such as stress, diet, and sleep.

If you want to enjoy peak health, you are an excellent candidate for biomagnetism. Biomagnetism therapy is compatible with conventional medical treatments, medication, chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, and homeopathy. Biomagnetic therapy doesn’t diagnose, prescribe or claim to treat certain conditions; it provides energetic balancing that offers therapeutic benefits by supporting normal structure and function.

Submitted by Dr. Carrie Hartney who is a chiropractor and a certified Lyme magnetic practitioner and trained in biomagnetic therapy with Dr. Louis Garcia. Located at 3 Webster Square Road in Berlin, CT. 860.828.5503. www.Hartneychiropractic.com.