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Becoming a Reiki Master

Becoming a Reiki Master

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Reiki draws on universal energies and can be used for healing, psychic and spiritual development. It connects the Reiki Practitioner and person receiving Reiki with powerful healing energies that can be offered for general well-being or directed at particular issues in the body, mind, or soul. The growing popularity of Reiki is a testament to how powerful and helpful it can be!

Although there are ads for online courses that will take people from nothing to “Reiki Master” in two weeks, learning and practicing Reiki as a Master is not a two-week process. It is a lifetime commitment that requires real study and practice to “master”. Knowing what level your Reiki Practitioner or teacher has completed is an important step in choosing a Practitioner that cares deeply about the practice of Reiki and the people that can be helped by it. With each level a Practitioner has achieved, an increasing amount of energy is passed from Practitioner to client. You would generally pay more to receive Reiki from a Master than a Reiki 1 Practitioner.

In Person Attunements
Attunements are passed on from a qualified Reiki Master to the Practitioner in person. This attunement is a combination of intent for healing by the Master, intent by the Practitioner, intent of the Universal Energy to give you what you need, hand drawn symbols, and breath/body control by the Master and an openness from the Practitioner to become a healer. This cannot be done online, through watching a DVD or by reading about it. This is a “must do” in person attunement process. Many questions come to the surface; what was seen, who was here, what color aura you have, and all need to be discussed immediately. Each attunement gets stronger than the one before as the practitioner’s body adjusts to a higher and lighter vibrational energy.

Attunement sessions are the MOST important part of the entire Reiki class. Before each attunement, the student/practitioner is encouraged to intentionally focus on the area being addressed. The physical part of the attunement takes only a few minutes, but the Master then steps back and quietly allows the Practitioner personal time to create a connection from the Divine/Universe that speaks directly to the Practitioner’s heart. This cannot be done quickly, and most of the time, takes about 5 to 30 minutes. The Practitioner knows when this process is complete and journals about the attunement. Many times something that was written down becomes valuable information days later.

Multiple Attunements, Not One
Four attunements are needed to align the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Attunements are a vital part of Reiki training where students can connect with their sacred energy, discover spirit guides, get messages from ancestors and angels and even find enlightenment. Some people are able to do this with the very first attunement, but most need all four attunements to open up enough to receive the messages they need. This is a very sacred ceremony and is the beginning of a lifetime of healing everybody, everywhere.

In all my Traditional Reiki classes, people who are being taught how to give Reiki are given at least four attunements. The sacred Reiki symbols are placed on the student’s crown chakra, palms of the hands and in their feet. This allows practitioners to give Reiki with their hands and also use their feet to give Reiki to pets who may be sitting on the floor. Putting Reiki in the feet is an extra bonus that the skilled Master can accommodate. It is valuable to be able to give Reiki through the feet to pets or anyone who wants to add Reiki to Mother Earth with every step forward on life’s path.

The difference between one and four attunements is huge. Once you have four, the increased energy gives you a whole new empowerment for the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Cheryl Case has been a Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher since 2000. She is owner of A Hand in Healing and Partner at Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC. Cheryl is an Approved Provider for Continuing Education with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. Cheryl is the author of Reiki Reflections: Sharing the Light, Changing Hearts which is available for sale in our Sand Dollar Shop at Sharing The Light!