Attracting the Perfect Partner

Attracting the Perfect Partner

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It’s Valentines Day and I am having dinner alone again.  What am I doing wrong? Why is it so difficult to find someone I’d like to spend time with?

There was a time when I longed for the perfect partner and was frustrated that he was not in my life.  This was my reality until I discovered that my thoughts, feelings, and actions regarding attracting the perfect mate were all wrong.  I learned to shift my thinking and feelings in terms of having a life partner, and my ideal husband and mate arrived shortly thereafter.

According to The Law of Attraction, we are the creators of our reality.  We have the ability to create anything we desire, and that includes a perfect life partner.  In order to attract that special person, our thoughts, emotions, and actions must be in alignment with what we want.

Everything in this universe is made up of energy, which includes our thoughts and emotions.  Each unique thought and emotion has an energetic frequency and an energetic affect. Energy can be categorized as either catabolic or anabolic. Thoughts, emotions and actions based on fear and worry are catabolic.  Those that are positive and non-judgmental are anabolic.  Given that energy attracts like energy, it is not possible for an individual to attract the perfect partner if they are constantly worrying or doubting that s/he will arrive.

 Three Types of Single People

There are three types of single people:  Person A knows the type of person they want to attract, but worries that they might not ever find him/her. Person B doesn’t have difficulty attracting a partner, but always seems to end up with the ‘wrong’ guy/gal. Person C knows what type of person s/he wants to attract, is enjoying being single, and knows without a doubt that the perfect partner is coming. Who would you rather be?

Typically, people seeking relationships are focused on what they want as well as what they do not want.  They desire the perfect mate, but tend to feel frustration or depression due to this absence.  To attract the perfect life partner, your thoughts, feelings, and actions must be anabolic and in alignment with what you truly desire. You must think, see, feel, and act as if what you want is already in your life.

 Change the Way you Think and Feel and Change your Life

 STEP 1: The first step in changing your old thought patterns and energy around attracting the perfect partner is to become aware of how you are thinking and feeling.  Are you worrying that you will be alone? Are you feeling frustrated? Do you look at others and feel jealous?

 If this is your reality, begin to change the way you think and feel in order to attract your desired relationship.  Negative thoughts and feelings will attract negative outcomes.

Focus on the Results you Desire

STEP 2: Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the solution.

When learning the Law of Attraction, many people have trouble creating the emotions around what they desire when what they want is absent in their experience.  Begin to take your focus off not having a partner and let your goal be to feel good. When your mind starts to worry, think about something uplifting and engage in an activity that will make you feel better. If you are feeling good, you are in alignment.  You do not have to wait for the perfect partner to experience the magical romantic energy that you desire.

Here are a few steps to align your thoughts, emotions and actions:


  1. Create a list of specific qualities that you would like your partner to have. Feel the emotions that you seek when creating the list and read it daily.
  2. Create a vision board.  Include pictures of activities that you want to do together and write words that will invoke the feelings you would like to feel.
  3. Visualize laughing and having fun with your partner.  Create an idealistic movie in your mind, with you and your partner in the leading roles.
  4. Believe it is possible.  Yes! You have the ability to attract the perfect partner.
  5. Refrain from speaking negatively or complaining about the topic.
  6. Go shopping on a daily basis in your mind.  ‘Shop’ for what you want in a relationship. When you see others holding hands, embody their joy and envision the excitement of having it for yourself.


Believe in your ability to attract the perfect partner, align your thoughts and feelings with what you desire, and let the universe provide the confirmation.  You do have the ability to create your reality. You can attract the perfect life partner. See it, feel it, believe it, and you will achieve it.


Kristen Werblow, M.A. is a Certified Life Coach.  To understand exactly how your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are affecting your ability to attract the perfect partner, contact her at: Kristen@balancedlivingnow.com, visit her website at www.balancedlivingnow.com or call 860-707-0908.