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Are You Ready to Heal?

Are You Ready to Heal?

I was. I wanted it more than anything, and I tried everything. Well, everything that I knew of. Turns out, I wasn’t truly ready, and I had a lot to learn.

I had been sick my entire life. At infancy, specialists told my parents I likely wouldn’t survive. Childhood was riddled with allergies, migraines, and extreme car sickness. Adolescence added insurmountable fatigue, strange bone pains, nerve shocks, tendonitis, menstrual irregularities, and poor dental health. My 20s brought gastrointestinal issues, depersonalization, and plantar fasciitis. My 30s were a smattering of all of it. After attaining “regular” status in the allopathic medical system and then earning a BS degree in nursing, my belief system was that help only came in a bottle with a child-proof cap. Yikes.

By 40, I was completely broken. I was single, unable to earn, and unable to care for myself.

Are You Open to Healing?
Mentally, I was open. I realized that my lifelong belief system and approach to health had gotten me to that low point, and I knew I was going to pivot. I began a tour of alternative medicine, but I still thought of it as medicine. I was searching for someone to give me the thing that was going to get me back to work next week. Sigh.

When I found AmpCoil, I was only able to get to the practitioner once per week. There’s an interesting thing that happens when using AmpCoil routinely; it’s an opening up, a receptiveness, that we in the AmpCoil community refer to as “the shift.” Because I could only go once a week I didn’t see the next-week-back-to-work turnaround, but I did see the shift. Energetically I was different, and this beautiful new energy started showing up all around me.

Is Your Body Capable of Receiving Treatment?
I used my IonCleanse® foot bath for a year without ever really knowing if it was working. The problem was that I was muddy. I use this term to describe the state of having so many body systems and infections out of control, requiring so many interventions, that it’s nearly impossible to determine what’s working and what’s not. After enough time, I was able to feel the positive results of the detox bath and other interventions, because I was no longer so darn muddy.

Does Your Body Have All the Tools It Needs to Do the Job?
While energetically open and pretty well detoxed, I made the switch to Anthony William’s “Medical Medium” protocols. I was already eating healthier than anyone I know and using $400 a month in herbals and supplements, but I had plateaued at a place where I was still unable to work or function predictably. A dozen subtle changes I made in the switch to MM protocols provided the nutritional tools I was lacking and removed a few barriers I was unaware of. With all of this on board, my physical body began to respond rapidly.

Is Your Mind Totally on Board?
In the background of the physical support was the EMDR trauma therapy I had begun. This has been perhaps the most fascinating part of the journey. I learned that the child within may not be ready to move forward. I’ve learned to care for her and help meet her needs until we’re ready to move forward together. I’ve had many breakthrough sessions where my physical symptoms change immediately post-session and do not revert back.

I don’t provide therapy services, but I do strongly encourage clients to begin this work when it feels right. I find this is often the missing piece of the holistic healing puzzle.

Combined with gentle body movement, these foundational practices ready the mind-body-spirit for healing.

Angela’s 25-year background in nursing, 46 years living with chronic illnesses, and a 6-year journey back to health, make her a natural Wellness Guide. While every individual is unique, her services lay a foundation for healing to occur, and this applies broadly. Work with Angela remotely or visit her wellness lounge at 2 Park Place in the center of Granby, CT. For more information or to schedule, call 860.856.8567 or visit: https://www.angelagballardllc.com/.