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Are You Programmed for Success or Failure?

February 27, 2019

Your brain is “programmed” to operate and that programmed operation is creating the way you think, feel, speak, and perceive. The programmed “mechanism,” your mind, is creating the choices you make in your life and thus creating your life path. How do you develop the type of self-awareness that empowers you to expand the number of choices you have access to making in your life, realizing the number is infinite? The moment one gets that they are programmed and that they have access to choosing their lives, they experience the converse reality that they are unlimited possibility. They have expanded their choices from one (the programmed mind) to transcendence, an infinite number of possibilities. I would say that the person feels truly alive in this moment.

Through empowerment training, I am able to see what is possible for healthy human beings. I see people come to grips with the notion that anything is possible and choose to work towards the creation of their intended reality for themselves and the people they love. This experience drives a type of inspiration; the person is ready to play again, to enjoy the challenge of life again or perhaps for the first time. Then, participants go home leaving the supportive environment of the training room where anything is possible to a context that enabled the existence of their programming. They re-enter a world of resistance, excuses and limitations—a programmed environment. They go back to an environment that limits performance and kills off possibility in exchange for power, safety and control.

Transforming Your Environment
Thus, the journey begins for the brave soul when he/she chooses to take on the challenge of transforming their environment. Through their commitment to a life of excellence, one learns how to create transformational opportunities for themselves and for the people they love. Individuals learn how to think, feel, speak and perceive in a way that brings about awareness—the type of awareness that provides possibility versus defense reactions, and listening and accountability versus sarcasm and disconnection. Women learn how to empower their children and husband instead of unconsciously sabotaging their performance for the opportunity to be acknowledged. Men learn how to listen, be vulnerable, and take a stand that empowers his family to take on life’s challenges without fear of abandonment or rejection. In essence, people learn how to source transformational possibilities for others. In doing so, an empowered environment, or family life or corporate culture, is born. A symbiotic relationship is created, which I call a win-win reality. The individual shares their transformed Self with the people they love and the people they love empower them to live their transformation.

Transforming The World Starts With You
Before you can learn how to create an environment or culture that empowers others to choose possibility, you must first learn to lead yourself. You must learn how to be fully responsible for your Programmatic Reactions in a way that inspires others to go after transforming their own limiting beliefs, addictions, and behaviors. In practicing the behavior of accountability, you are learning how to be the source of possibility. This is where your training begins: think of it like this, you come to the empowerment training to stretch your mind the way an athlete goes to the gym to train. The athlete goes to the gym so they can perform on the field, not so they can perform in the gym.

My passion is inspiring people to move beyond their limiting behaviors and embrace success that they never imagined possible. For the past 17 years, I’ve been leading three-day intensive seminars that help attendees came to grips with a powerful insight that all of us are programed and that programing is dictating the quality of life. I grew up leading this seminar as I started when I was 25. I trained myself as I guided classes through their defensive responses to discover who they programmed themselves to be and how their programming operates. Large groups would arrive at this experiential insight getting they were free to create their lives. Graduates report marriages and lives were saved, anxiety and depression was released at alarming rates. Human beings through a three-day intensive seminar were able to access a transformed life.

It’s an awesome experience seeing people transform, however, at first, people don’t want to face their barriers, and take responsibility, they kick and moan, yell and blame others for the quality of their lives. It’s their husband’s fault, “he’s abusive and that’s why my marriage doesn’t work.” “My boss does care about me, will not give a raise that I deserve and that’s why I can’t get out of debt.” AND what is astonishing is the whole of the group supports them at staying stuck in their lives as they defend the participant I’m coaching against me. I stand in front of the room fighting for their greater potential and the group of 100 educated participants sees me attacking them and this is where the group starts. I take a stand for human beings to get that they are the creating resource of their lives and they hide, defend, defer, disassociate and then the group defends them so that nothing changes and that’s the Game. The Game is interacting with people in a way they get to see that they can create, out of doing great work, an extraordinary life. This is what inspires me, the breakthrough, the a-ha, the I get it; I am responsible and I can have a loving marriage and I can make my life work and the room erupts with applause and possibility overwhelms the room.

Because I can’t lead every company through my intensive 3-day seminar, I created a story that highlights what is truly possible. I warn you ahead of time that your mind will make things up so that you don’t buy into what is truly possible and this is where everyone starts. You will not be any different, as I imagine you don’t like me saying that, but I am going to teach you how to transform your limiting thinking if you choose to be coachable.

  • Do you choose to be coachable?
  • Do you value radical honesty and accountability?
  • Are you willing to be transparent?

Submitted by Peter Lotterhos. Peter Lotterhos is a life and business coach based in Hartford. His three-day seminars have transformed hundreds of lives and business. Level 1: Coaching the Programmed Mind for Success – March 28 (evening), 29, 30. Bridge Healing Arts Center, Rte 4 Farmington, CT.
Call Aimee for more details: 860.985.7957.
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Call Aimee for more details: 860.985.7957.
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