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All Your Questions about Spirituality, Energy and Health Answered!

November 9, 2016

I am grateful for the opportunity to help people experience the world I feel we are moving through and stepping into. This column is is question and answer format to provide those interested, a chance to ask questions about spiritually, energetics, health and life and how it can all come together in a grounded, functional and applicable way, so the reader can navigate life with peace, joy and compassion in a world that is changing so fast.

Every month I welcome you to submit your mind, body, spirit questions directly to me at or through my website at

Q – I have heard more and more about the power of group healing where people come together for energetic healing work in place of or compliment to individual healing work. Is there really anything to this or is it just talk?

A: Yes. There truly is something to the power of the group. Most cases of group focus people have heard of throughout history have been when there is violence associated with it. These have been stated as mob mentality, protests, demonstrations, rebellions, etc. In most cases these movements have been desperate and often violent attempts to get attention to force a change that should have been an opening addressed to assess what changes could and should have been made to support the greater good of humanity.

All of the above are examples of the power of what happens when a singular focus ignites movement within a group of individuals that are either looking to be part of something, healthy or not; desire to see change in the world or their part of the world; or those who wish to bring attention to something that is not being looked at but should be. Please notice that all of the previously mentioned forms are focuses that are outside of the individuals. Now, this is af-fecting everyone, but the change is more often then not coming from the want for the external situation or circumstance to change. What I am going to explore is something a little different, yet the same.

The form of group power that I’m sharing is that which comes from within and from one’s Spirit and Soul. We are talking about the power of the collective of Spirit to be manifest on the physical plane. Most group focus is to help relieve the physical and mental suffering that is happening on the earth plane level. The relief of this form of suffering is helpful but to create lasting change we must go deeper. We MUST change at the Spirit level. It is at this level of life that the potential for deeper and more lasting change can take place. When a collective of Souls come together with a singular and sincere focus for change, we are stronger, we can move faster and we can get out of ruts and patterns with greater ease. An example of this is that it is easier to move a two hundred pound steel beam with five people than it is for one person to move it on their own.

Let’s take this even further. It’s not just the collective of the people who are present in a room, it’s important to realize there are others on the planet with either an identical or very similar intent. If the group chooses to acknowledge there is a collective of other Souls beyond them with an intent of healing, evolving, and expanding THEN that group can connect with the others at a higher level of consciousness and increase the potential of what can be realized in their group focus. In other words, we now go from five people helping to move the two hundred pound beam to 15 or more. This will SIGNIFICANTLY increase the potential available and ease the workload for each person. If we were to expand ourselves even more, we can center into our Spirit and Soul and ask to become aware of and feel how many others are on this planet with similar intents we world be able to exponentially increase, with greater ease everyone’s ability to heal, evolve and expand more fully into their ever expanding potential. As we become more sensitive to higher awarenesses we will begin to feel that the number is far greater than we realized. Once we accept this truth we can, with reverence and grace, tap into those beings and not only receive the added support, but we can offer our support to those people as well. The final step is to allow yourself to release all limiting ideas and accept that we are cosmic beings. Once that is embraced, we now have access to potential that is likely beyond our level of comprehension, but not beyond our ability to receive support from it or offer our support to it.

The final addition is to consider the potential once energy/frequency work is added to this collective… the possibilities are limitless. THIS is why I love and am grateful to bring to people in group healing activities. With all of this said I feel it is time for us to realize and embrace that we have more power to change in this world and to change this world then we realize. If we were willing to change our conscious and unconscious rule set (our programed way of seeing and doing things) we can change the world.

Ron D’Amico has been supporting people in the field of holistic health for more than 25 years. He has grown to become an accurate and effective healer with his own developed forms of energy healing that support all levels of life – mind, body, spirit and soul. He holds a BS from Springfield College in Health and Fitness after which he created a personal training business with a focus of functional fitness, conditioning and post-rehab for chiropractors and physical therapists for more than 10 years. After many years of trying to resolve his own emotional and physical issues through traditional methods of medical care with little to no success, he began searching in the area of complimentary health. His practice focuses on addressing the root cause(s) of what created the imbalance within the person. By addressing the mind, body, energetics, spirit and soul, the healing process is awoken and the person is guided to become actively involved in their own healing journey. Ron D’Amico can be reached at

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