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All Your Questions about Spirituality, Energy and Health Answered!

All Your Questions about Spirituality, Energy and Health Answered!

I am grateful for the opportunity to help people experience the world I feel we are moving through and stepping into. This column is question and answer format to provide those interested, a chance to ask questions about spiritually, energetics, health and life. How it can all come together in a grounded, functional and applicable way, so the reader can navigate life with peace, joy and compassion in a world that is changing so fast.

Every month I welcome you to submit your mind, body, spirit questions directly to me at questions.rondamico@gmail.com or through my website at www.rondamico.net.

Q – Over the past few years it has been getting more and more difficult to stay grounded and present in stressful situations. I’ve tried many methods of centering and grounding with some success, but I seem to continue to come back to the same struggle, not feeling at peace, difficulty staying and coming back to my center. How do I stay grounded and centered in life situations?

A – I have asked this question many times myself and it has been asked of me many times. The simplest way to address this is to begin by looking at one simple truth, and that is, we must clear the mind to center in the Soul. Often we will attempt to THINK our way into our center, but the truth is that we can only FEEL our way to the Soul. The way to do this is to shift our focus from the head to the Heart and feel the energy as it begins to move or stir in the chest cavity. For some of us the process of shifting from the head to the heart is very difficult. This is often difficult because we are attempting to make this change through the human mind. You can’t heal an imbalance from the place it was created. I feel the reason this can be so difficult is because we are attempting this change alone, we are often moving into this significant change for ourself and by ourself. What I feel we are missing within this personal and spiritual journey of life is welcoming the essence of that which creates and sustains us – the essence of God/Source/Creator/Divine. These are just some of the titles people use as a representation of their connection with that which gives us life and often is not seen through human eyes. Throughout the remainder of this article I will use the term Creator.

I have found it’s important to have something to focus on and align with that is not of this world but what created this world. Part of why people are so challenged to stay present in this world is because the focus of the world has changed from a Creator/Soul center to mind/prove it to me/competition/achievement orientation. This change has created deep weaknesses and insecurities in everyone, even those who think they are secure and safe. Therefore, the process of centering and healing deep imbalances must come from our origins, the Creator. When we begin to align with the Infinite Light, Love and Truth we begin to feel fulfilled and our life begins to change. This process of centering is quite simple but like any change, practice and experience, brings forth embodiment within all aspects of our being – Mind, Body, Spirit/Soul. This centering experience has five steps and begins as follows:

Begin with the acknowledgement that you are not in your center and focus on your breath as a centering tool. Feel the breath as more than just an exchange of gases. Feel it as the Life Force of the Creator being breathed into you through your Soul. When we breathe the body and mind begin to naturally calm, partly because we change its chaotic activity as a result of stress or trauma, but more because we begin to settle into the present moment and the present moment is the home of the Soul. When the Soul is honored and centered into the body will begin to follow. If the stress or trauma is significant it may take longer to center but it will follow. Please realize, the mind and our mental thoughts are what created the stresses and pains we are experiencing. Therefore, the mind will not be able to get us out of this, because at this point the mind is under the control of the ego, and the ego will not let us truly be free. The very voice that is speaking the loudest wanting change is the very thing that will not let go easily.

The voice to truly listen for is the most calm, quiet and peace filled voice you are searching for in this activity.

It is the Voice or the Creator within. It is the sound of your Soul. The way to ‘hear’ this voice is through the quiet within that is FELT, and as it is felt you will actually begin to HEAR the feeling of your Soul. You will begin to sense its presence. THIS is the ideal to open to.

1. Acknowledge you have stepped out of alignment with your Soul and communion with the Creator – “Mother Father Creator, I find myself stressed and in fear, when I (name the event briefly) I moved away from myself and You. I now choose to be with my Soul and You once again.”

2. Next, create a hand position or mudra that is a physical expression of your recommitment to aligning with the Creator. For example, fingertips of both hands touching in front of you; both or one hand over your heart or heart center on your chest; hands open, with palms up, arms slightly bent at the elbows – in a receiving manor; or any other fashion that feels right to you. Follow this with your version of the following: “Mother Father Creator, here I Am. I receive Your breath into my Soul. I surrender the will of the ego to allow You to breathe me. With this acknowledgement I allow Your Light, Love and Truth to become mine. I honor the Grace, Love and Beauty that is You to flow within and through me.” Continue breathing until you begin to FEEL your body and Being, to settle and soften into a more Peace filled state.

3. Now, step into the will to release and heal. “Mother Father Creator, in this moment I do not feel I can release and heal this/these past wound(s) on my own. I open myself to your Divine Love to receive all I require to release, clear and heal all past issues and current struggles. I take Your Love into my entire being, Mind, Body and Spirit. I receive You to overflow from my Soul to the physical, ALL that I AM.” Continue breathing and focus until you begin to feel the movement and ease move throughout your whole being.

4. Continue with filling yourself with what you feel you may be missing, lacking or desiring to be filled with. “Mother, Father Creator, please fill me with Your Love, Peace, Self-worth, Courage (whatever you feel you require to stay centered within your Soul) that I may sustain my Soul’s alignment with You.” Continue breathing and focus until you FEEL yourself filling with what you requested to receive. It is necessary for you to FEEL the quality of each item you wish to receive. This is not a THOUGHT process, it is a FELT process. Even though you may not know how it feels, ask “Mother Father Creator please help me feel the Truth of the quality of COURAGE.” With continual practice and a sincere desire to have a Soul Felt relationship with these Graces, it will begin to become clear and palpable.

5. Finally, NOW it is time to step into the Soul’s Will to become a deeper and richer embodiment of Your Soul’s Communion with Creator and the all that is Life. “Mother Father Creator, I now commit with All That I Am – Mind, Body and Spirit – to live the Truth of Your Light, Love and Truth in all that I Am and all that I bring into this world. With all that You have Blessed me with I thank You for Your Love and Light.”

With continual practice and a sincere will to live life from the Soul in communion with the Creator you will begin to feel your life change. The ideal would be to practice this process at least 2 times per day, the full activity. Then throughout the day focus on the breath, each and every breath, as the recommitment to the choice to be with Creator through your Soul in all that you are and do in life.

Ron D’Amico has been supporting people in the field of holistic health for more than 25 years. He has grown to become an accurate and effective healer with his own developed forms of energy healing that support all levels of life – mind, body, spirit and soul. He holds a BS from Springfield College in Health and Fitness after which he created a personal training business with a focus of functional fitness, conditioning and post-rehab for chiropractors and physical therapists for more than 10 years. After many years of trying to resolve his own emotional and physical issues through traditional methods of medical care with little to no success, he began searching in the area of complimentary health. His practice focuses on addressing the root cause(s) of what created the imbalance within the person. By addressing the mind, body, energetics, spirit and soul, the healing process is awoken and the person is guided to become actively involved in their own healing journey. Ron D’Amico can be reached at info.rondamico@gmail.com.