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Access Unlimited Mental Well-Being

Access Unlimited Mental Well-Being

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We have all been tested over the past months; some physically, others mentally and spiritually as we attempt to make sense of a pandemic. I notice my thoughts jumping from wondering how we will get through this to hoping for a healthier planet to compassion for those who are experiencing sickness and lost loved ones.

Through it all I witness a sweetness behind the human spirit as people reach out to one another to lend a hand and assist in any way they can. Standing in line at my local Trader Joe’s, I was reminded of the many unsung and often unseen heroes as I stepped over painted lines on the sidewalk marking six feet between shoppers. Each line had different colorful sayings painted above it (celebrate our healthcare workers, celebrate our warehouse workers, celebrate our taxi drivers, spread love not germs!) Reminders of the strength and love of the human spirit are everywhere.

I know I am not the only person to experience such a wide range of emotions. I also know that I have an advantage over many because of my exposure to an understanding about the human mind. I am not special, however, since this understanding is available to everyone. Nature has gifted all of us with the ability to understand how to access our innate mental well-being regardless of situations or circumstances. This understanding about the human psyche is referred to as The Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness; Innate Health; The Inside-out Understanding; and Health Realization. Mental wellbeing is key to everything! I have noticed this fact in my own life as well as in my clients’ lives.

Because of what I learned about Innate Health and the Three Principles, I know that:

  • I don’t need to be afraid of my experiences, regardless of the thoughts that are flowing through me.
  • I don’t have to judge them, resist them, or take them seriously. Yes, some thoughts are more pleasant to experience than others, but knowing that all thoughts are transitory and will naturally pass on their own accord helps me ride out any thought-storm.
  • I live in the “feeling of my thinking” – every thought we have has a feeling tagging along with it, whether we know that or not. Even though I can’t control the thoughts that pop into my head, I do have the free-will to pay attention to the thoughts that will benefit myself and others and let the rest go.
  • I am innately resilient; regardless of circumstances or situations.
  • All of this “knowing” is on a deeper level beyond the intellect. It’s not something I need to practice; there are no strategies or techniques to perform, only an understanding of the workings of the mind.

The mind is not a physical thing; it is the formless spiritual energy that powers the physical brain. Because it is formless energy, understanding the mind can only come from insight; from taking time to look within oneself. It is helpful to take this inner journey with a guide or mentor who has done the same. Here is a list of mentors around the world: https://3pgc.org/practitioner-directory/. “Dr. Bill,” as he has come to be known, is a psychiatrist in Phoenix, Arizona. He offers an eight-week online course called, The Mind, Brain, Body, Behavior Connection. It’s a fascinating course on this profound understanding of the mind.

The rewards of this understanding are truly beyond imagination. It’s like being given a lifetime key to mental well-being, regardless of external circumstances. Knowing how to access unlimited mental well-being keeps people free of anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. We’ve known for a long time the toll that chronic stress takes on our physical health and our immune system.

I have found the best way to share this understanding is by immersion in a retreat setting over a period of 4 – 7 days. This can be accomplished in a number of ways by:

  1. An “in-home retreat” from the comfort of your own home on a computer screen.
  2. A “hotel retreat” if your home life isn’t conducive to an educational retreat (i.e. young children or other demands at home) then consider staying at a nearby hotel and be seen at my local office in West Hartford.
  3. Attend one of our retreats in the Caribbean. The next one is scheduled for Nov 14 – Nov 20, 2020.

Everyone has the ability to access their innate mental well-being more often, from which we are all more compassionate, resourceful, creative, productive, motivated, and more loving.

Lori Carpenos, LMFT, Founder of 3 Principles Therapy, works with Couples, Families, Individuals, a variety of adult and young adult groups, and Executives wanting to improve their corporate culture. She is the author of a young adult book, It’s An Inside-Out World, the co-author of The Secret of Love and co-facilitator for Caribbean Retreats and a contributor to The Secret of Love Podcast.