The Future is Holistic!

The Future is Holistic!

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Improving Memory Function Safely and Naturally
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Twenty years into its role as the leading accredited institution for holistic studies on the East Coast, The Graduate Institute has charted a unique course in higher education. Our mission is to provide transformative education based on an integrative and holistic perspective designed to enable students to reach their full potential both professionally and personally.

Our renowned Masters and Certificate programs offer a new model for education which is steeped in a holistic worldview, seeing individuals, communities, families, organizations, and countries as whole integrated interrelated systems, a view which is increasingly relevant for the uncertain, worrying COVID-dominated times we live in.

Having joined the Institute just in June of this year, I have been impressed by the depth, experience and richness of our faculty which is comprised of world class scholars in the fields of Integrative Medicine, Consciousness Studies, Organizational Leadership, Ecotherapy, Learning and Thinking, Positive Psychology, Creative Writing and Storytelling; to name a few. Our distinguished faculty provides not only professional expertise, deep knowledge, and wisdom, but they also provide essential input in the review of academic standards, programs, research, future planning, degrees and certification.

Meet the Faculty:

Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD is an internationally recognized expert in the field of cancer treatment and complementary, holistic medicine. A retired Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital pediatric surgeon, who writes on the relationship between the patient and the healing process, he is known for his best-selling book Love, Medicine and Miracles.

Dr. Artemis Morris, ND, LAc is a Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, professor of nutrition, researcher, author, and public speaker. Dr. Artemis has been an educator for over a decade and is the author of A Naturopathic Doctor’s Guide to Wellness for Immune Support.

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD is the founder and first President of American Holistic Medical Association and an accomplished neurosurgeon, a pioneer in pain medicine and energy medicine, and is the inventor of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, spinal cord stimulation and radio-frequency ablation for back pain. He has lectured worldwide and has appeared on numerous TV programs including Oprah, Good Morning America and The Today Show, and is the author of 23 books.

Caroline Myss is a world-renowned intuitive and respected lecturer in the field of health, intuition and contemporary spirituality and author of several New York Times best sellers.

Brian Luke Seaward, PhD is a best-selling author and renowned international expert in stress management and mind-body-spirit healing. He is also an acclaimed photographer.

Joan Palmer, MS has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and is founder of The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition. Joan teaches the health benefits of using real food, environment, and herbs to find the path back to health.

Accredited Master of Arts Degrees & Certificate Programs

Integrative Health & Healing examines health, wellness and illness from a holistic perspective; comparing, connecting and integrating conventional, alternative and complementary approaches to promoting wellness, prevention and healing. This program offers a unique opportunity to study the best of Eastern and Western medicine, healing modalities and psychology in an interactive learning environment, providing not only current scientific knowledge but also experience and practice of many healing techniques focused on treating the whole person. Students who are health professionals learn and apply integrative models and methodologies to their work. Non-medical students develop a better understanding of integrative models and treatments for personal use. Graduates are able to incorporate complementary and alternative therapies into their professional and personal lives. The curriculum includes Holistic Stress Management, Nutrition, Sound and Art Therapies, Naturopathic, Chinese, Ayurveda and Energy Medicine.

Learning and Thinking embraces a philosophy of education rooted in relationship, holism, and meaning. This program is predicated on establishing a New Culture of Learning that develops the knowledge, skills, competencies, and imagination for a world in constant flux. Towards this end, the program nurtures the emergence of a collegial learning community dedicated to co-creating new meaning within a constructivist and transdisciplinary context.

Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology explores the nature, role, and development of human consciousness and transpersonal phenomena. What makes this program unique is that we have holistically integrated different perspectives into the coursework, psychological and spiritual, western and eastern, epistemological and clinical.

Creative Writing and Storytelling allows you to create compelling written work through study with bestselling authors, professional editors, award-winning storytellers, acclaimed literary critics and renowned scholars. Plus, students in this program gain access to TGI’s Publishing Center to help you get your book published.

Coaching with Spirit teaches you to become an effective coach by learning a transformative way of being while in relationship with others. This program is approved by the International Coach Federation.

Bruce Cryer, President of The Graduate Institute in CT, has been involved in holistic studies personally and professionally for more than 40 years. In his career, he has worn many hats and explored many professional passions, always driven by a desire to learn how people can live more efficiently, effectively and coherently. He began as a singer/dancer/actor in New York, including two years in The Fantasticks, the world’s longest running musical. Bruce has been adjunct professor at Stanford University since 1997 teaching on stress, performance, emotional intelligence, resilience and creativity. He was named CEO of HeartMath in 2000, having helped launch the HeartMath Institute with founder Doc Childre in 1991. He recently released Renaissance Human, an album of original songs co-created with the Brothers Koren.

To learn about The Graduate Institute’s other programs, visit our website: Learn.edu or call 203.874.4252.