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Self-Love, A Touchstone To Rock A Life You Love

Self-Love, A Touchstone To Rock A Life You Love

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I don’t care who you talk to or who you ask, if it’s a ‘she’, there’s a chasm between who she sees herself as and who she wants to see herself as. We, women (yes, I’m including myself in this description, because I was once like that) are riddled with self-doubt, self-imposed limitations, and dare I say even self-hatred. Having raised both girls and a boy, I can say that I noticed it very clearly and distinctly by middle school. I can go on and on about mass media, the role of women in society, the difference in reactions to an outspoken and aggressive boy and the same behavior in a girl. But I won’t, you can take a feminist course for that. What I want to focus in on is shifting patterns of self-loathing, self-limitations, and self-scrutiny into one of self-love, and as Gala an online blogger calls it, radical self-love.

She puts it so succinctly with her Kiwi accented words when she describes how she came about developing her notion of radical self-love.

“…More to the point, there was a huge disconnect between how women saw themselves and how they wanted to see themselves. I had recently gone through a massive personal transformation, and was excited to share what I knew. I called it radical self love, and the rest is history!”

You can shift gears from whatever negative thought you use to one of unconditional revolutionary self-love. I did it! And so can you. Let me tell you the secret…it’s change and action.

Change and action require you to do only two things, and that is, firstly, to think of yourself as a Goddess- gorgeous, powerful, and magical. If it’s easier, you can even visualize yourself as a fabulous luxurious pair of Louboutins, like I do. Do it. Do it now. Seriously. Stop reading for a minute and do it. And then come back to me because we have a lot more dishing to do here. I want you to love yourself like something precious, rare, and absolutely exquisite. Can you do that?

Then take the very next step, swiftly, so that your inner gremlin doesn’t catch up to you just yet. What’s step two? Take immediate action on the change you want to see in yourself. Take action like a rebel, or a warrior, or I’ll add a vixen because these badass dames know how to make it happen for themselves. It’s like Thelma and Louise, they have the gall to go balls to the wall. Action. This is the difference between the sexes. Women are not taught to take action, while men are. We don’t demand a raise, we ask, we don’t stand in front of the room and speak out in meetings, we wait and offer suggestions. Stop. Rewind the messaging. And restart taking action. What is it you want to do? What is it your body is trying to tell you when you don’t feel well? Ask your body what it wants to tell you in order to start healing. Hint: it’s usually something going on in your outer life. You may not want to hear it because it may be radical and it will require change. What radical change needs to happen in your inner environment to then be illustrated in your outer environment? You know. Can you speak it? Will you act on it?

I just love how Gala declares a manifesto for you to follow. She declares:

“You are destined for more than a life of corporate cubicle hell. You are more than just a worker bee, a mother, a wife or a girlfriend. You can be and do whatever you want. There are a million possible avenues for you to saunter down, and the only way to discover that for yourself is to put on your best shoes and just start walking.”

So when you’re ready to give in…release:

  • All the pain you’ve felt since you were told not to ask for what you want when you asked for the Barbie your mom refused to buy for you
  • All the ideas in your head that say you’re not good enough yet and keep you from pushing for the next level in everything you do
  • All the lack of inspiration you feel toward what you have now, in your business and in your relationships, making life feel hollow, instead of passion-filled

Being stuck where you are, not enjoying the small things (or the big ones) in this life, wishing you had revisited the parts of the world you’ve been missing is painful. And it keeps you where you are, not realizing your greatness (which, by the way, is something you’ve already achieved; you just don’t FEEL it yet). You’re standing in the same room as the big boys, but you’re waiting for permission to play with them.

But, that’s not what’s in you.

What’s in you is the need for big moves and the need to take risks no one else will take, so you can command more and know you deserve it. It’s about the ability to attract higher-end clients and better projects and going out and getting what you want, without any apologies. It’s about holding your own.

What’s in you is the need to love yourself, as much as the world does. To see in yourself, what the world sees.

And when you’re ready to:

Live the balance you need to drill forward toward your success. Look at every moment as a blessing and with utter joy. Release yourself from the feeling that you’re not good enough. Because 20 years from now, you want to look back and see what you’ve accomplished with pride, not regret.

I’m here to help you find your path to happiness. Your path to cups-of-coffee-on-the-veranda-in-the-silence-of-the-morning kind of happiness. Your path to unrelenting joy…to contentment that’s contagious and spreads from the ends of your locks to the core of your soul.

My LifesPath process is the single most comprehensive path to health, happiness, and love, and that’s why I have created it for you. I’ve guided hundreds of clients to break through their blocks, to disprove the beliefs about themselves that are holding them back, and to find the strength to live lives they want to wake up to each morning. And at the end of the day, who you are when you’re alone is who you are at your core. Learn to live it and love it with everything in you and the life you want to live opens up, effortlessly.

Submitted by Juliette Storch, Shamanista putting Louboutins on Your Soul. When you’d rather hide beneath your Frette duvet just a week longer, I’m the soul-sister who’s going to help you get back up and sashay down life’s runway again. Pull your Louboutins out again and dance the dance of success with me. Juliette is a transformational shamanista who uses her super soul sister powers to pinpoint your blocks, shatter them, and keep you highly focused toward your goals. She will set you on your LifesPath and keep you there. For more information, www.juliettestorch.com.