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Practical Divine Wisdom From Robin Clare

April 1, 2018

Dear Robin: I have always been searching for my true Soul Mate. I am a deeply spiritual person, fulfilled at work and volunteer my time for causes important to me, but I still struggle with feeling like my life would be more complete if only I found my Soul Mate. What can I do to attract my Soul Mate into my life?

    ~ Ellen from CT.

Dear Ellen:
The desire for both women and men to attract in their true Soul Mate activates two self-limiting beliefs. The first limiting belief is that our true Soul Mate must be a romantic partner and the second limiting belief is that we only have one Soul Mate.

The notion of a Soul Mate being a romantic partner seems to be a predominately female viewpoint. Just because you and another love each other deeply does not automatically make you Soul Mates. If we are fortunate to meet a partner with whom to share our life, that person is more likely to be your Earth Mate not your Soul Mate. This unrecognized difference has caused many an unfortunate dis-connect between couples.

The idea of there being only one true Soul Mate is false. Prior to your incarnation, you decided to invite many members of your Soul Family to come into your earthly life at various points. These Soul Mates may be your parents, your siblings, friends, partners – and, surprisingly, they may also be your dreaded adversaries! Yes, even your dreaded adversaries are here to “mate” with your Soul so that you may learn the truths about your Soul’s journey. Most often, these truths are incredibly important for this incarnation.

Your Soul Mates may also include animals – consider your beloved pets – and even Mother Nature, herself. Have you ever walked on a beautiful beach and felt like you were Home? Or sat under a special tree and read a book, feeling a deep connection to the tree itself? All of these are exceptional sources of Soul Mates.

So, in response to your question, “What can I do to attract my true Soul Mate into my life?”, I would reply with, “You may wish to be careful what you ask for!” You need to be aware that having a relationship with a true Soul Mate requires you to not only manage the day-to-day opportunities and challenges of your worldly relationships but also the intricacies of a committed Soul relationship.

I’m not saying “Don’t ask”; but if you choose to do so, it should be with eyes wide open and with an experienced guide at your side to help you navigate these high-vibrational waters. Perhaps your better first request might be: “What can I do to attract my perfect Earth Mate into my life?”

To attract your ideal Earth Mate, you must make sure that you are living the attributes that you are looking for in this other person. If you are lacking in the key attributes that you desire in the other, then perhaps you need to heal and grow within your own life and expand your vibration.

In other words, you must create a vibrational resonance that is a match to the person you want to meet. If you are not vibrating at that same level, how will you ever notice each other? According to Carolyn Myss, global spirituality expert, the Universe brings important Soul relationships to us 90% of the time, verses finding them ourselves the other 10 % of the time.

As you build your attribute list I can help you see where you honestly stand in comparison to your desired attributes. My expertise is in supporting you to heal your past wounds and help you make a growth plan for your future. Then, when you are ready to explore the higher vibrational realms in seeking your Soul Mate, I’d be honored to help guide you through your journey.

In love and light,

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Robin Clare is an Advanced Akashic Record reader and a certified 13th Octave La Ho Chi energy healing practitioner. Robin won 2nd place in Natural Nutmeg’s Readers Poll for exceptional energy healers. She is the author of Messiah Within and the Amazon Best Selling spiritual book, The Divine Keys. Robin guides her clients and students to fulfill their divine purpose, remove their success blockers, optimize their relationships and find greater happiness in their lives. Robin is available for Practical Divine Wisdom group events or to share her signature talk, Divine Living with your community.

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