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Monetize Your Mission…Through Marketing Your Solutions

March 29, 2019

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. This is incredibly true, even in your small business. I recently received a call from a prospective client who needed advice on how to open a successful holistic business. I suggested that we create a business plan using my Planning for Success™ business planning model. She replied, “I don’t think I need a business plan, can you just tell me what to do?”

That response made me realize that most new entrepreneurs don’t know the high level standard business concepts that it takes to starting a successful business. It inspired me to share the 12 steps of the Planning for Success™ model to get you thinking about your unique business and what is truly required to be successful.

STEP 1: Personal Branding
Identify your purpose, skills, training and life experience. Uncover your true expertise and determine how you can best serve the world. This first step allows you to demonstrate credibility to the potential market that you want to work in.

STEP 2: Problem Solving
Pinpoint the problem(s) that you are solving for your clients. This second step enables you to clearly articulate what problems your potential clients have and how you can solve these problems with your unique skills.

STEP 3: Potential Clients
Define your clients in three tiers (ideal, middle of road and no thanks!) to determine your target audience. Which type of clients are you most excited to work with? It is important to identify these three tiers to prioritize your time and energy.

STEP 4: Perfect Solution
Define the solution that meets the needs of your ideal client. Yes, create your business with your ideal client in mind. It’s time to develop a working title of your product or service and determine what is the tagline for your business. Remember to create your perfect solution based on Step 2.

STEP 5: Product Delivery
Develop a multi-faceted delivery system to ensure multiple streams of income. In your business, you should have a funnel that enables clients to work with you based on their financial comfort level. From free content, to one session, to a series of sessions, to committing to a long term program with you – options are key.

STEP 6: Profit Projection
Identify your goal(s) for your products and services in your delivery system. Your goals and objectives should be concrete, measurable and realistic. It is important to develop specific strategies and create a budget of income and expense per goal, strategy or operating need.

STEP 7: Powerful Offer
Create your irresistible offer by sharing benefits and how your product or service will relieve the pain points of your ideal clients. When you identify the pain points and benefits for your clients, it makes it easy for them to see that the solution that you are offering is the one that they have been searching for.

STEP 8: Proof of Concept
Test your perfect solution concept with a discounted offer to potential clients. In exchange, require their feedback and testimonial on your products and services.

STEP 9: Product Creation
Design your core product or service with feedback received from Step 8. Create your product or service in the various modes of delivery previously defined in Step 5. Infuse your creative process with the joy you will feel when you present your ideal clients with their much needed perfect solution.

STEP 10: Perfect Your Pitch
Develop a pitch to sell your ideal client on your perfect solution to their problem. Be able to articulate their problem while confidently expressing your solution and your solid offer. Say what you need to say and then be quiet and let the potential client speak. Have confidence that your solution is their best strategy.

STEP 11: Promotion and Marketing Strategy
Develop a marketing strategy and create informative and actionable marketing materials and implement a public relations plan to ensure the marketplace knows about your amazing solution. This includes social media marketing, email marketing and printable information for your office.

Step 12: Personnel Strategy
Ensure that you have the team in place to make your solution a true success. What roles will you need going forward, an administrative assistant, a bookkeeper or a business coach. See your business as successful and it will become successful.

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Robin Clare is an experienced corporate MBA, non-profit administrator and holistic entrepreneur. Robin is the creator of the Divine Freedom Formula™, a three-tier approach to fulfilling your Soul Mission across your personal, professional and community life. Robin is an advanced Akashic Record reader and a certified 13th Octave La Ho Chi energy healing practitioner. Robin won 10Best in Natural Nutmeg’s Readers Poll for BOTH Life/Business Coach and Energy Healer. She is the author of Messiah Within and the Amazon Best Selling spiritual book, The Divine Keys. Robin guides others to live their Soul Mission, remove their success blockers and create strategies for life and business success. Robin is available to speak to your community. To learn more about Robin, please go to: or call 860-232-3331.

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