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Healing with Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

August 31, 2019

As humans living on earth we are of one race existing in one place. Although we are one in that perspective we vary in many ways such as places in the globe vary from section to section. This phenomena is expressed throughout the body’s diverse layers making up one whole organism.

How then can two people have different experiences when placed in the same environment and same situation? Well some chalk it up to “perception creates reality” and while that plays a major role in our psychology, I’ve personally had my perception clobbered by a reality quite different than the current lens I was seeing through. This implies we interact with our environment beyond intellectual means.

While the intellect allows us to calculate and articulate our experience, it’s obvious to us that other factors are at play. Interesting research shows the human heart being a stronger bio-magnetic field generator in the human body, and because the heart is thousands of times more powerful magnetically than the brain, some draw the conclusion that the heart is a better communicator. New scientific information on alpha waves (the frequency of brain waves associated with prayer and meditation) can be used to treat PTSD. Each study confirms certain ancient wisdom and time tested modalities, however it still carries the same theme of western thinking and a mindset that dissects and isolates that one active ingredient and distills it to a one to one correlation between input and outcome.

This type of linear thinking has positively influenced our world in some ways scaling down a complex universe and bringing clarity to confusing superstition, yet it has caused major destruction to the wholistic ways of harmonizing with our environment internally and externally. The idea of attacking a disease or cutting out a part that is no longer functioning as it used to before giving the body’s immune system a fighting chance to regenerate is a dangerous way of determining an action plan

Just consider the original spelling of Wholistic, base word being “whole” being cut to holistic with that base word being a “hole”. Traditional methods like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have a deeper consideration for the whole and do everything in their nature to protect and preserve the original essence of the human body. Within TCM there are five different branches of treatment: acupuncture, qi gong, diet, herbal medicine and Tuina (medical massage). Active therapeutic intervention is the second line of defense, with diet, lifestyle and quality movement being the primary. Each modality has its own strength and specific approach to treating injury and disease. It is the combination, however, integrated at the appropriate time and application that works deeply on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels. The synergy that arises from using all branches of treatment creates a profound impact on the internal dynamics, as well as the life experience of the individual.

Here, now, in modern times where information is literally at our fingertips many of us have an opportunity to lay down a new foundation built by both ancient wisdom and modern science. The spirit of synergy itself is calling on everyone to do away with divisions and to find that common denominator that unifies the human race. With that said we have to acknowledge differences in culture, in constitution and in communication. A wholistic approach to bio-individuality is in fact the most powerful tool a healer, teacher, and leader can consider when dealing with the complexities of a human being.

Jen Tartakoff, a valuable member of the Nourishing Necessities team is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki Master, who combines treatments with Medical Qi Gong, Tuina/Amma, Eastern Dietary Therapy, Yoga, and Qi Gong movements. She focuses on patient education and the individual mind-body feedback system, and feels that harmonizing the internal balance is essential for building conscious connections in the world. Aaron Weston, the founder and freedom facilitator of Nourishing Necessities has trained and grown in a wide range of modalities allowing him to intuitively and intelligently integrate everything into a practical application. Nourishing Necessities, 509 Farmington Ave, Hartford. 860-655-6564,