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Got Milk? Get real! Coca Cola super processes milk

Got Milk? Get real! Coca Cola super processes milk

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Message from the American Dairy Association: Please buy this homogenized, pasteurized, defatted, fortified “milk”, from animals that have been fed GMO corn, antibiotics and hormones. Drink it at least three times a day, every day of the year.
What food can any human eat that much of without experiencing some consequences, let alone food that has been completely altered from its natural form?

It was only a matter of time before one of the most basic foods around became a big target for a corporate juggernaut. Fairlife milk, the new Coca-Cola product, boasts 50% more protein, 30% more calcium and less sugar than regular milks. It is processed using patented filtration technology which basically takes the original milk apart, then puts it back together again leaving out some of the naturally-occurring sugars but including more protein and calcium. It sells for roughly twice as much as regular milk.

The milk may be changed but our digestive systems probably didn’t get that memo. The components in a natural food are there for a reason and work synergistically for maximum absorption and assimilation.

“It’s basically the premiumization of milk,” Sandy Douglas, president of Coca-Cola North America, said at an analyst conference in November. If developed properly, Douglas said it is the type of product that “rains money”. Rains money!? When it becomes all about the marketing and profit, sooner or later the jig is up.

“GET REAL” isn’t in this picture, but just may be the best advice for the dairy industry. With far too many other healthy options for consumers to choose, there is no way for dairy to be the only answer for beverage consumption any longer. Maybe dairy producers should consider going back to the less processed, more organic, whole milk, delivered to your door. More expensive, yes. Better for the smaller local dairy farms, you bet. And what’s wrong with that? Big business dairy producers selling the most processed forms of milk won’t be jumping up and down about that idea (see Coca-Cola “raining money.”) But what is better for the public? Real milk. For real people.

As the market for dairy changes, the question the dairy association should be asking is what are wiser consumers looking for? It’s doubtful the answer is milk created by Coca-Cola, as consumption of soda is dropping. Our bodies need fewer processed foods, not more.

Consumers shift supply and demand. Consumers should demand real food, local food, food that is more about health and sustaining local food resources rather than “Raining Money” on big corporations that seduce us into thinking that what they have created is better than anything nature can provide. Still wondering why we have the best health care in the world, but not the best health? Think about it.

Submitted by Dr. Ann Aresco of ProNatural Physicians Group. Visit our new location at 120 Webster Square Road in Berlin, 860-829-0707. ProNatural is simply joining a small group of likeminded practitioners together for the benefit of our likeminded patients.

The group will consist of 3 NDs: Dr. Summer McAllister, Dr. Sarah Zambarano, and Dr. Ann Aresco. APRNs Lara O’Neil, pediatrics and Amanda Swan, General Practice. Licensed Massage Therapists: Brian Cameron specializing in orthopedic and Thai massage and Helen Sandquist.