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Find Love During the Summer Solstice

Find Love During the Summer Solstice

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People have celebrated the Summer Solstice for thousands of years. As the longest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere), the solstice has been revered by the Chinese, Mayans, Romans, Egyptians and the Druids among others.

For many ancient civilizations, conceiving on this day was considered lucky and was a strategy to increase a baby’s chance for survival by being born after the harsh winter. The solstice was also considered a magical time for singles to meet their mate.

As humans, we are not separate from nature and seasonal changes because we are one with everything – the planet and the Universe. So, let’s take advantage of this mystical day by asking what becomes possible from this place of maximum light? One empowering possibility is to rewrite your love story. You can’t change the past but you sure can influence your future! Check out these three life changing steps to rewrite your love story.

Step #1 – Review History
Review your three most important relationships using these questions:

  1. What did I like and what do I not want to experience again?
  2. What can I learn from these relationships that I can apply to my future relationship?
  3. What role did I play in the relationship not working? Did I pick the wrong guy, hang on when I knew he wasn’t a good match, or put up with poor treatment because I didn’t think I could find a better man?

Step #2 – What Attitudes or Beliefs Got in the Way or Sabotaged Your Love Life?
You might have ideas about love, men or dating that are not true, yet you operate as if they were. Examine your thoughts about love, men, and dating and challenge your beliefs to see if they truly are valid. Often you can find holes in your process.

For example, all the good men are taken is a belief held by many single women over 40. Yet, women fall in love every day so this is not actually accurate or valid. It’s also statistically impossible. You can also test your beliefs with logic to clear out false beliefs.

Step #3 – Write Your New Love Story
Now that you have learned from your past and cleared the way, it’s time to dream about what you DO want and begin to MANifest that!

To create your vision of the right man for you, think about who he is as a person, his values, energy level, interests, and goals. Next decide what kind of love you want – long-term committed but living separately, living together or marriage. Last, but not least, think about the quality of your relationship. For example, is it fun, easy, loving, playful, deeply connected, soul level, active, communicative, etc.

This is now your road map to connect with the right man. Think about how you’ll feel with THAT man. Will you feel loved, cherished, blessed, sexy, adored, or lucky? Pick three and use that as an affirmation! For example: With the right man I feel loved, cherished and blessed. Whatever FEELS good for you. Repeat this to yourself as often as you think of it with FEELING to attract him into your life. Don’t forget to take action to meet and cross paths with men so that ideal guy can find you!

Meet My Client Cynthia
Cynthia had been divorced for 10 years, just ended a five-year relationship and felt unbearably sad thinking she might be alone for the rest of her life. At 59, she thought for sure her age would be a huge problem and men wouldn’t want a woman so close to 60.

We discussed what she learned from her marriage and her last relationship. Cynthia realized there had been a lot of good even though things didn’t work out. She also recognized several behaviors she never wanted to be exposed to again.

We worked on her self-esteem, finding numerous reasons why some man in his late 50s to mid-60s would be darn lucky to have her in his life. Cynthia had so much to offer which she’d been discounting due to her age and lagging self-esteem.

She started using the affirmation and really FEELING it. Then I wrote her online dating profile and she was on her way. Knowing she had so much to offer took the pressure off and she let go of feeling desperate. She felt free to take her time picking out the right man and not rush into anything.

And, that’s exactly what Cynthia did! She told the men she met she wasn’t making any decisions or commitments for at least three months. The eighth man she met was quite taken with her and he wanted her to become exclusive quickly. But, Cynthia held firm to her boundaries and her vision of the right man. And for Charlie, he took Cynthia as a challenge which got his attention.

Four years later Cynthia is still enjoying the love life she hadn’t thought was possible for a woman over 60! Once she gave herself permission to rewrite her love story, she found “The One” and is completely thrilled and still gushing about it.

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