Finally Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions with a Health Coach

Finally Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions with a Health Coach

The new year and new year’s resolutions are right around the corner. Every year with excitement and a fresh perspective, many people vow to commit themselves to new habits that will change their lives for the better. A desire to quit smoking, lose weight, stop drinking, eat more whole foods, take more time for self-care, change careers, and many other ambitious goals are spoken, and intentions are good. However, few people follow through to achieve those goals, and the masses are left feeling defeated and discouraged that they don’t have the willpower to stay on track. Another year passes and nothing changes except self-esteem—for the worse.

First, Change Your Mind
The question every single year is the same: Why bother with resolutions when the rate of failure is so high? Let’s put this into perspective using the goal of weight loss as an example. The beginning of the year is the highest enrollment at gyms as well as with other programs that promise weight loss if you eat their foods, drink their shakes, and take their supplements. Failure is certainly not from a lack of resources, then, right? Truth is, if you don’t participate, you are not going to get results of any kind. Hence, the question really should be: What is holding us back from going to the gym or using the programs that are going to help us get the results we desire?

There are underlying causes for not doing things for ourselves that we innately know would help us achieve our goals. The thoughts and patterns surrounding the behaviors that got you where you are today are embedded in your subconscious mind and need to be unearthed and modified. The chances of successfully changing your outcome permanently diminishes quickly if you do not modify the connection to those root causes. Those who rely solely on willpower tend to struggle, feel frustrated, and typically go back to the behaviors that seem familiar. That is human nature. We are creatures of habit, even when we know the habits no longer serve us.

Then, Change Your Patterns
One of the best solutions for getting to the root causes of not being able to commit to change and modifying them to have success once and for all is to work with a health or life coach. Most of us have already heard of a health or life coach, but many are still in the dark as to what one does. As a health and life coach myself, I’m frequently asked, “How can you help me?”

The concise answer is, a trained coach will effectively guide you while using the right tools to change patterns and help you through blocks you have not previously been able to navigate successfully on your own. Your coach will ask you questions and use active listening skills during your consultations to detect what is holding you back from taking the necessary steps. She will then create a program, designed specifically for you, to help you work toward your goals. Your coach will act as your cheerleader, empowering you every step of the way and keeping you on track.

The tools that each coach uses are specific to their experiences and education. Oftentimes, affirmations, meditation, visualization, journaling, and conversations during which you disclose experiences will help to discover and subsequently change negative patterns like self-sabotage. As you continue your program, you will experience shifts in consciousness that will lead to effortless change in behavior, helping to give you the permanent success you have always desired.

Wishing you a year filled with accomplished goals and fulfilled resolutions!

Kimberly Lawrence was tired of going from doctor to doctor, seeking resolution of chronic pain, illness, and allergies, when she decided to be trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2005. Having healed herself naturally, she now helps clients transform their lives.

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