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Energy Evolution

Energy Evolution

I have witnessed so much shift and change since I moved to the US in 1994, and I count myself lucky and blessed to be part of the global growth and movement into this phase of our evolution.

Beginning the Journey
To start this exploration, I want to share my experiences in my home state of Connecticut. In the late 90s, when I first connected with the energy of the state, it felt quite murky and sticky; in other words, there was a need for more light to be brought in and more people to step into their roles in consciousness. There were some pockets of light where groups of people had started working with individual communities and this light was slowly starting to spread. Now when I look at Connecticut I see the density and stickiness has dissipated; there is so much more light and an influx of love and hope to those ever-expanding areas.

As with many first-time energy practitioners, I started my training with Usui Reiki level one. Reiki, for me, was life changing and opened me up spiritually and psychically. Back then, in 1994, Reiki was not nearly as well-known as it is today and was considerably more expensive than it is now. The investment to become a master was typically around $10,000. This has changed over the years, and Reiki is much more accessible than ever before. For many people, myself included, Reiki is a gateway to a much broader field of conscious evolution. I eventually became a Master practitioner and have since been initiated into other forms of Reiki.

In 1996, I set up my full-time healing practice after completing extensive training in Rebirthing Breathwork. I have had many experiences observing massive and often miraculous changes in people’s lives, I have incorporated additional modalities over the years, and I started teaching. My personal and professional healing journey proceeded over the next 16 years or so, when in 2012 I was guided to close my practice. I worked in corporate America for the next four years and then in 2016, I was ready and revitalized to come back to practice the healing arts professionally again.

Highlights of the Shift and Change
What I observed when I returned to this world was such phenomenal growth, so many more people aware of their spiritual journey, and so many finally waking up to who they truly are. Along with those shifts, many people were questioning how they operated in the world and whether their career/work served both their own and the greater good. I started teaching again and observed how energy was so much more attainable by so many more people and how much more quickly downloads happened than they had previously. That short gap of four years truly supported me and helped me to see so clearly how everything had indeed accelerated. I could see how manifestation was happening so much faster.

Now, as we make our way out of COVID-related issues, it is clear that we have made a quantum leap and even more people are ready, willing, and able to look at life in a new way. What a way to learn how to pivot, and what a gift!

Success Stories
As a healing practitioner, I feel it is important to share some of the experiences I have had in being blessed to see those massive and miraculous changes in individuals. Of course, no real names are used here.

Joe had come for a session, and one of his goals was to have his own business teaching music. He was employed as a music teacher at a school, but he knew that was not the right avenue for him. After his first session, he quit his job at the school and started offering private lessons to music students. He continued with sessions to ensure he did not self-sabotage his progress and went on to have a very successful venture.

Another client, Sally, was working in a factory and knew she didn’t want to spend her last few work years in this unhealthy setting. Sally and I worked together for a time, and she too left her job by taking early retirement. She then started her own healing practice, which is still very successful.

Then there’s Gina who, as a single mom, had minimal income from her coaching business and was barely scraping by. After a few sessions she snagged some major, long-term clients and continues to see considerable growth in her business.

These are just a very small sampling of what can happen when you decide you are worth spending some time and effort on. And no matter what, when you make that decision, you will live your purpose and watch all the pieces fall into place.

Eilis Philpott is the owner of Soul Healing Journey, LLC and the Academy for Soul Healing. She has been a healing practitioner and teacher for over 20 years. For more information about her services, visit: SoulHealingJourney.com.
For events and trainings, visit: www.AcademyForSoulHealing.com. Connect at 203.767.5954 or Eilis@SoulHealingJourney.com.