Celebrate the Little Things

Celebrate the Little Things

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I have always loved birthdays—my birthday, my friends’ birthdays, my family’s birthdays. It’s a day to commemorate all that is good about being brought into the world, though not everyone feels this way. As I’ve gotten older, I meet people for whom a birthday is no biggie, just another day. This year I worked on my birthday, a day I usually take off. It was still my special day and I knew that whether or not I shared it with loved ones, I was special to those who know me. They would think of me—perhaps shoot me an email, a text, a phone call, or even take the time to send me a card. I had two lovely meals with good friends—a true celebration!

At the end of November, I celebrated ten years since I was stricken with what the neurologist said was “the worst case of Bells’ palsy I’ve ever seen!” After being fully paralyzed on the left side of my face for almost a year and a half, enduring lower eyelid surgery to save my eyesight, another five facial surgeries, and seven years of special PT, I celebrated again. This time it was a self-reflective party. I thought about what I have gone through—the inability to smile for several years, the self-doubt and self-loathing, and a full decade of baby steps toward being myself again, or becoming the new version of myself.

This January 28, I will celebrate being fifteen years cancer-free. A small tumor in my right breast led to four breast surgeries, radiation, chemo, hair loss, associated other surgeries, and an infection around my heart that almost killed me. Fully recovered, I celebrate life every day. I am thankful for blessings of my excellent health, personal freedom, and a fulfilling life.

Living and Loving Life
I see the celebrations my Rolfing® clients acknowledge as their bodies morph into healthier, stronger, and more aware vehicles. This fall, a client in her early sixties told me she had played in a yearly three-day golf tournament and did not experience the pain she typically had after that kind of intense activity. The celebratory smile on her face as she told me about the surprise ending to that event was priceless. In previous years she had been able to play for a day or two, then end up in bed with ice and painkillers, not able to complete the tournament.

This story is just one of many. I have another client who, thirty-five years ago, suffered from nagging knee pain from a bad fall at work. She had immediate surgery to fix her knee, which, according to the doctor, was successful. Everything was repaired, but for all those years, she was plagued with pain and swelling in her knee if she did so much as shop at a mall or take a leisurely walk. She had to rule out doing many forms of exercise and being physical in most circumstances. Forget gardening, planting, or raking—all things she had loved to do. After getting Rolfed a few years ago, she became able to walk a few times a week with a friend, attend regular exercise classes, and enjoy her retirement in physical ways she hadn’t known for years. Of course, now she is one very happy woman!

Rolf for Your Health
Both of these clients had permanent, progressive results from their Rolfing® series. We worked toward undoing the injury, creating structural ease, and establishing connective tissue balance through the direct manipulation of the soft tissue of the whole body. As time goes by, injuries eventually create stress and strain patterns throughout the entire body as the fascial gluing inhibits the way the muscles move. The Rolfing® process of ten specific sessions undoes the years of stuck, thickened tissue that pull unevenly throughout the entire structure of the body.

Life is too short to put up with the aches and pains that we call normal aging. Those issues are actually due to a lifetime of small injuries, traumas, and/or stress, all of which create imbalance. The cumulative effect of this strain leaves us with chronic pain, tight muscles, and the inability to be comfortable in our own skin. Sitting, walking, and even sleeping can be uncomfortable. Rolfing® can be the antidote.

In our world that is filled with a constant barrage of not-so-good news, isolation, and supply chain challenges, celebrate the little things. It’s so uplifting to acknowledge the small ways we triumph over the dark holes found in life. I celebrated my triumph over finishing my yard work before the first snow. I celebrate a good “no accident” day with my new puppy. Look around and see what you can find joy in today. What do you want to acknowledge? Your milestones can be large or small. I invite you to celebrate the little things. Enjoy!

Sharon Sklar is in her 41st year of private practice as a Certified Advanced Rolfer®. State licensed and the only Rolfer in central Connecticut, Sharon works with direct manipulation of the soft tissue of the body and movement re-education over a ten-session series to help her clients feel freer, get more balanced, and reduce chronic pain. Great for athletes, children, and adults recovering from injuries, stress, or the traumas of life. Inquiries are encouraged!

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