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Bored or Unfulfilled by Your Current Job or Career?

Bored or Unfulfilled by Your Current Job or Career?

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How do you define fulfillment in a career? Are you happy climbing the corporate ladder? Are you fulfilled by income, benefits, opportunities to travel, or the ability to work from home? For most of us, feeling a sense of fulfillment through work involves following a path that utilizes our strengths, which are in line with our passions, holds purpose, and often provides some sort of contribution to others or to the world as a whole.

If you’re bored or unfulfilled, please know that you’re not alone, and know that you are not as trapped as your fear-based mind wants you to think you are.

Don’t Sell Your Soul!
I personally spent almost 20 years in an industry and career that others envied, and yet I was totally unfulfilled because I knew that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to be doing, and I didn’t feel like I was making a contribution. I was not leading a purposeful life, and although I made more money than I knew what to do with, got to travel all over the country and work with some great people, I was not happy and no matter how much I tried to talk myself into how great my career was, my spirit just wasn’t buying it.

I finally got to a breaking point. My job took all of my time. I was neglecting my relationships with friends and family, I was mentally and emotionally burnt out, and my physical health was failing. I distinctly remember a pivotal moment when I said to myself, “If I continue with this, I’ll be selling my soul.” How can we put a price on our soul and our soul’s happiness? I realized that, contrary to what I’d always been taught, financial security did not equal happiness, and that I needed to do something that fed me instead of just my wallet. It was in that moment that I got determined to find a different and better way. Maybe that’s the place you’re in right now.

Help from the Universe
Once I made the decision that my current job was no longer an option, the universe got on board and started providing clear guidance and direction. Not the direction I would have expected, and not the solution that I ever would have come up with, but very loud and clear direction nonetheless. It was that direction that prompted me to explore hypnosis.

As the daughter of a doctor and an accountant, hypnosis was decidedly out of the family box. In fact, I’m pretty sure my parents thought I had gone over the deep end when I told them that I was headed in that direction, but I held fast, followed my path and am beyond happy that I did.

I was an extremely skeptical student and questioned pretty much everything that came out of my instructor’s mouth. Thankfully, he had the patience of a saint, and the more I questioned, the more my life-long questions were answered. Then, when I experienced hypnosis for myself, I was blown away by its power, couldn’t figure out why someone hadn’t told me about it sooner, and have been happily exploring the wonders of hypnosis ever since.

Learning Hypnosis Helps on Many Levels
Fast forward through 13 years of private practice and thousands of clients. I’ve refined my skills and now know that it’s critically important to train others, as that’s the only way that the power of this healing modality is going to gain critical mass. It’s important that more people learn and apply hypnosis, because, in my admittedly biased opinion, it’s one of the most naturally powerful tools available today.

The foundation of my 100-hour Certification Course is based on the National Guild of Hypnotists curriculum, which I’ve enriched with all that I’ve learned through study and experience.

What if you could clear all the fears that are holding you back let your gifts shine, access your true happiness and then help others do the same? What if you could create not only a great living, but also a great life? How amazing would your life be? I feel eternally grateful that I have found my calling and am excited to share my passion and knowledge with you. If this article has sparked a flame of curiosity in you, come experience it for yourself and then decide whether you want to learn to share it with others. In the meantime, block out June 20th – June 27th on your calendar.

Lisa Zaccheo’s next training session begins June 20th. She has trained more than 80 students in hypnosis over the last 6 years. She is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Instructor, and Speaker and is the owner of Mind Matters Hypnosis Center with locations in Avon, North Branford and Guilford. For more information, visit MindMattersHypnosis.com or call 860-693-6448.