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All Your Questions about Spirituality, Energy and Health Answered!

All Your Questions about Spirituality, Energy and Health Answered!

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I am grateful for the opportunity to help people experience the world I feel we are moving through and stepping into. This column is question and answer format to provide those interested, a chance to ask questions about spiritually, energetics, health and life. How it can all come together in a grounded, functional and applicable way, so the reader can navigate life with peace, joy and compassion in a world that is changing so fast.

Every month I welcome you to submit your mind, body, spirit questions directly to me at questions.rondamico@gmail.com or through my website at www.rondamico.net.

Q – I’ve been on anti-depression medications for 15 years and I’m looking at ways of getting off of them. Is energy work effective in this area, and what ideas do you have for me?

A – Discontinuing any form of prescribed medication needs to first be discussed with the prescribing physician. Once you are instructed on a safe and proper way to discontinue the medication(s) we can look into the best way to support the process of helping you release and clear the cause(s) of the depression as well as releasing and clearing the medication residue and any other toxins that may be present in the body and energy fields as well as correct any and all the influences that have occurred.

What is important to remember about any issue a person presents with is that what affects one person significantly may have minimal to no effect on another,
as is with this situation. There are various emotional influences that began at birth and then were inflamed and added to at ages 6, 12 and 36 and vary in the form from fear to deep hurt and anger. Realize that emotions don’t necessarily store in one specific area of the body or energy fields. They have a tendency to hold in weak areas that are present at that time. One thing is consistent, as emotions, toxins and or kinetic energy (falls, hits etc.) are held in a system (mind, body, emotion, energy fields) that system begins to compensate and can progressively influence other areas of our being. Once we become aware of the root cause(s) we can begin to release the energy of that and support the continued release of the compensations which followed.

Because the emotional traumas are the primary root it would be helpful to release them first then follow what your body and energy systems are guiding the practitioner to release. An energy practitioner with experience in releasing deep emotional issues, toxic residue and releasing old cellular/patterned structural memory will help free your body and create an environment for release and relief from this issue.

Q – I have had migraines for the past 12+ years that have been progressively getting worse and have used chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and medication. The only things that work, if I get to it early enough, is medication. How can I break this cycle and is there something underlying creating this?

A – To date there isn’t a great deal known about migraines and what causes them. But what is known is that there are a number of factors that can trigger a migraine:

  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Food additives
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Sensory stimuli – visual and fumes
  • Changes in wake-sleep pattern, i.e. jet lag
  • Medications
  • Changes in weather
  • Physical factors – over exertion

Therefore, it would be helpful to approach this on an individual basis. After reading your letter and tuning into you energetically, I’m sensing your migraines are influenced by a trauma from about 12 years ago. This trauma has affected the upper cervical spine, ribs, left shoulder and jaw. There are also blocks in the visual system (eyes, optic nerves and visual cortex) to the colors red and green. In addition, there are emotional aspects in the body and energy fields in the form of fear, anxiety, worry, anger, disappointment and helplessness/hopelessness. These influences have progressively affected the mind, body, and energetics of you as a whole contributing the migraines. Also, if you think about when these migraines are happening with the above information, you will likely be able to determine what is triggering some of the migraines. For example, if you are becoming emotionally upset or physically feeling unsafe, these could be triggering the memory/trauma that is stuck in the body, mind, emotions and energy fields. My suggestion would be to connect with an energy practitioner to have the energy of the physical trauma, as well as the emotional trauma cleared from you, as well as a practitioner to correct the cranial-sacral rhythm and release the cranial bones as well.

Ron D’Amico has been supporting people in the field of holistic health for more than 25 years. He has grown to become an accurate and effective healer with his own developed forms of energy healing that support all levels of life – mind, body, spirit and soul. He holds a BS from Springfield College in Health and Fitness after which he created a personal training business with a focus of functional fitness, conditioning and post-rehab for chiropractors and physical therapists for more than 10 years. After many years of trying to resolve his own emotional and physical issues through traditional methods of medical care with little to no success, he began searching in the area of complimentary health. His practice focuses on addressing the root cause(s) of what created the imbalance within the person. By addressing the mind, body, energetics, spirit and soul, the healing process is awoken and the person is guided to become actively involved in their own healing journey. Ron D’Amico can be reached at info.rondamico@gmail.com.