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A Divine Approach to Healing

May 5, 2017

Does this sound like you? At times, it seems as if you’re totally getting the spiritual journey and your life is flowing in a beautiful manner . . . but at other times your spiritual journey can be the most frustrating or painful experience one may imagine. Why is this amazing experience so painfully good? Let’s break it down:

The spiritual journey requires that you recognize that you are – first and foremost – a spiritual being having a human being experience. This recognition brings forth three sets of learnings:

  1. The first set of learnings revolves around you being a human being with all the challenges associated with illness, injury, addiction, aging, making a living and being a part of a family and society.
  2. The second set of learnings revolves around you being a spiritual being with all the challenges centered around living an examined life; healing the traumas of your past, living squarely in the present moment and being dedicated to your spiritually-inspired future.
  3. The third set of learnings revolves around you becoming an integrated being and its challenges with becoming deeply connected and committed to your own spiritual identity while serving self and others.

Once you reveal your spiritual identity, it’s likely you will want to fulfill your life’s purpose – or in other words your spiritual destiny. This process of fulfilling your Soul’s destiny requires you to live an examined life.

In your examined life, you will dig deep into every layer of your being to find the gifts within any impossible situation. By truly comprehending these gifts, you may achieve a calming, spiritual healing of your seemingly impossible situation.

This spiritual healing will act as a catalyst to bring you one step closer to your spiritual destiny – your ultimate reward for committing to your journey. The following system of familiar beliefs – when regarded with proper intention and action – can usher-in your highest level of spiritual healing:

  1. Pain is Inevitable: This has been attributed to many spiritual teachers over the course of time. It makes sense when you consider that you are comprised of mind, body, spirit and emotion. Life will certainly provide you with many opportunities to experience pain, and the inevitable following question is – If you’re in pain, do you always have to suffer?
  2. Suffering is Optional: Regardless of what type of pain you are in, you always have the option to suffer if you wish to do so. Doesn’t it seem that pain and suffering typically go hand in hand? In fact, many think of the words pain and suffering as one phrase. If you knew that you could simply turn over the pain to the Divine, would you continue to suffer?
  3. Surrender Requires Action: Surrender typically happens when you have frankly had enough of any situation. You throw your hands up, look up at the sky or “go inside” and say to the Divine, “I am done with _________, you take this!” You can fill in that blank with any health situation, a relationship problem, an addiction, a work issue – certainly lots of choices for us humans. Ask yourself: Are you truly ready to let go of your problem and are you feeling worthy of receiving grace or Divine support?
  4. Grace Must Be Allowed: For grace to be received in your life, you need to be ready to give up your suffering and you need to feel worthy of receiving grace. Suffering can be addictive because it often gets you much-needed attention or, may give you an excuse for stepping out or not being present in our hectic world. The Art of Allowing by Abraham Hicks suggests that trusting, being patient and having faith that what you want to manifest, create and experience can and will show up in your life. Are you ready to receive grace for your impossible situation?

A grace-filled healing process can be invoked in any aspect of your life that requires healing; whether it may be pain, addiction, relationship, or even fear of success. However, it is important to use such methods in conjunction with other mainstream and non-traditional forms of support.

Living a life in alignment with Divine energies will enable you to feel connected, peaceful, joyful and abundant – yet it also requires a deep commitment to your spiritual journey. In my own journey, I have been guided by spiritual mentors who have led me to places of Divine healing and knowing. I have been a pathfinder for many – so please reach out to me and we can explore together if I may be of service to you as well, to help you reach your spiritual destiny.

Robin Clare is a channel for the Ascended Masters, an advanced Akashic Record Reader and a highly regarded spiritual teacher and community leader. She is the author of Messiah Within and the Amazon Best Selling spiritual book, The Divine Keys. Robin is described by many clients as “intelligent, intuitive, connected, caring, peaceful and loving.” For over a decade Robin has served an as ambassador between the Divine realm and our day-to-day world. To learn more about Robin, please go to: or call 860-232-3331. Please mention Natural Nutmeg to receive $50 off your first session with Robin.

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