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Autism and Allergies, What’s the Link?

Autism and Allergies, What’s the Link?

In 1943, Austrian psychiatrist Leo Kanner was first to describe autism. His article “Autistic Disturbances of Affective“ described 11 children who had [...]
A New Approach to Resolving Spring Allergy Symptoms

A New Approach to Resolving Spring Allergy Symptoms

Springtime is just around the corner and that means seasonal allergies will be in full swing soon.   Spring is such a beautiful time of year and can b [...]
Supplements and Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Supplements and Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism. It’s growing and growing. In October 2009, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics published a study saying that 1 in 58 bo [...]

Chronic Toxin Overload

Chronic Toxin Overload: The real cause of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Dr. Tom Moorcroft, DO Patients who suffer from unrelenting [...]

The United States of America – An Overmedicated Society

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - AN  OVERMEDICATED  SOCIETY by Dr. Henry Sobo Here are two important facts that you should know: #1. Medication sid [...]

Statin Drugs

Instead of giving my personal views on statins, let’s quickly review some of the studies done on these drugs and allow you to form your own educated o [...]

Cholesterol – Why We Can’t Live Without It

Written by Deanna M. Cherrone M.D., owner of Natural Health & Healing  a Functional Medicine  practice in Avon, CT. Cholesterol is a fatty subs [...]

The Risks of Acid-Blocking Drugs

By Dr. Frank Aieta, ND Drugs intended to treat heartburn, like Nexium or Prilosec, are among the most widely prescribed medicines in the United Sta [...]

Hypothyroid Symptoms – They’re Not in Your Head!

An interview with Dr. Frank Aieta (West Hartford), a Licensed Naturopathic Physician; Dr. Ann Aresco (Kensington), a Licensed Naturopathic Physician; [...]

The Flu Vaccine – By Dr. Frank Aieta, ND

It’s flu season again, and I’ve been receiving countless e-mails from patients and readers regard­ing the flu vaccination asking whether they should g [...]

Looking for a Safe, Natural Alternative for Rejuvenating Aging Skin?

Look no further than the non-surgical face lift which uses microcurrent technology. Microcurrent is like the body’s own natural electrical current tha [...]

The Standard American Diet and Why it Makes us Fat – by Shoshana Levinson, MS., cDN.

The Standard American Diet that I’ll refer to as SAD, is one that has too many calories, too much sugar and refined carbohydrate, too little of the go [...]

Have We Been Barking Up The Wrong Tree On Alzheimer’s Disease?

Have We Been Barking Up The Wrong Tree On Alzheimer’s Disease? by Dr. Desmond Ebanks Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is often called the most common form [...]

Keeping Your Immune System Healthy – by Dr. David Johnston

Trying to keep your immune system healthy can be a daunting task these days.  We are assaulted on a daily basis by foreign invaders entering our bodie [...]

Why am I so tired? – By Dr. Frank Aieta, N.D.

"Why am I so tired?" This is a question I hear almost daily in my practice from patients.  Fatigue is probably the number one complaint amongst most n [...]

Bioidentical Hormones Replacement – by Henry C. Sobo, MD

Synthetic pharmaceuticals prescribed as “hormone replacement” therapy have for years been among the most widely prescribed medications in The United S [...]

Tran Fats: not good, but bad and very ugly – By Kelli Swick B.S.

Heart disease, the number one cause of death in the United States for men and women has been attributed partially to the types of fats Americans consu [...]

Is Your Body Toxic? – By Anne Freeman

In today's world we all multi-task and work multiple jobs- we wear many hats! As a result of our multi-faceted lifestyle we become stressed and worn o [...]

Diet and Your Bones – By Desmond Ebanks, MD

As a doctor practicing integrative medicine, I find that education is as important to my patients as anything else I do. We focus on maintaining healt [...]

Autism: Connecting Through CranioSacral Therapy – By Karen Elizabeth Rowan, LMT, CST

There are a number of health modalities available today that can support a child, teen or an adult that has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Dis [...]

Heart Health – By Dr. Renee Mammone, N.D

The heart works hard beating about 100,000 times a day and keeps blood pumping throughout your body. Some easy ways to evaluate the health of your hea [...]
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