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    Rejuvenate Aging Skin…Safe and Naturally

    Look no further than the nonsurgical face lift which uses microcurrent technology. Supported by over 30 years of research, microcurrent produces electrical signals like those naturally occurring when the body is repairing damaged tissue and has been shown to stimulate cell growth and rejuvenate aging skin. It is truly a safer alternative to riskier and invasive procedures like Botox or plastic surgery. As we age, our skin gets thinner and less elastic, facial muscles weaken and there is reduced production of collagen and elastin. Studies on microcurrent therapy indicate a 14% increase in the production of natural collagen, a...

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    Carve Out Some “Me” Time this Summer

    I love summer! There’s really nothing like it. For many of us, our schedules don’t change drastically during the summer season. If we have school aged children, they may be in camps or at home with a sitter or family member, but many of us still need to work. And some of us may have the benefit of some summer holiday. Regardless of whether we work outside of the home or not, it’s helpful to find balance in our summer schedule. The idea that summer is a season of free time is wonderful in theory. But in reality, often,...

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    Being Mindful in Every Day Life

    The term mindfulness has been part of the spiritual conversation for thousands of years through Buddhism, Hinduism, and even in the Muslim/Christian and Judaic traditions. But secular mindfulness – mindfulness devoid of any spiritual quest is what I’m talking about here and that conversation has its roots in healthcare over 35 years ago. It was integrated into the institutional environment through Jon Kabat-Zinn who developed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. His work over the past thirty-five years according to the UMass medical center website,, “has shown consistent, reliable, and reproducible demonstrations...

    Bailey’s Backyard Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Ridgefield– A Locavore’s Dream

    The farm-to-table buzzword has been tossed around so much it’s almost become cliché, not to mention the fact that there are many variations on the definition of authentic farm-to-table. It’s rare to find a Chef that is truly committed to sourcing local, organic, non-GMO products. So, when Chef Forrest Pasternack of Bailey’s Backyard told me he makes his own ketchup, I knew immediately that he is the real deal. He’s developed relationships with farms from New York to Vermont and sources the finest, freshest items for his menu. All of the products Chef Forrest uses including flour and soy...

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    Farm-to-Table Dining with Hometown Cooking at Rooster Company

    You haven’t had chicken until you’ve been to The Rooster Company. I admit – it’s kind of hard for a restaurant to screw up chicken BUT – how many times have you dined at a place where the chicken was…good, but not fantastic? Probably quite frequently. In fact, it happened to me so many times that I just stopped ordering chicken altogether. Until, of course, I went to The Rooster Company in Newington Center. Now – THIS is chicken the way it’s supposed to be! Founder and Chef Kenneth Ward and his wife, Jaime, have worked in restaurants for...

  • GoodTimes_2
    Good News Café in Woodbury Serves Up Gastronomic Delights

    One of the oldest farm-to-table restaurants in the state, the Good News Café has been serving up locally sourced cuisine since 1992. Owner and Chef Carole Peck began her love affair with food 46 years ago, graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 1973. Pioneering a then male-dominated profession, she has achieved a noted reputation. After graduation, Peck worked as the executive chef at many restaurants, resorts and clubs from Cape Cod to Hilton Head, from Austin to Miami and New York City, always gaining recognition and professional acclaim. In 1993, she had the distinct honor of cooking...

  • SugarandOlives
    Farm-to-Table Like You’ve Never Had at Sugar & Olives

    Tucked away in a cozy, industrial space is a restaurant that has been quietly crafting amazing farm-to-table meals long before it became all the rage. Jennifer Balin opened Sugar + Olives in Norwalk in 2008 with the goal to make amazing food while connecting people with where the food on their plates comes from. She is also committed to not wasting one bit of it. “We never throw anything away here,” Jennifer said. I had the absolute pleasure of attending a media dinner here which not only inspired me but also reminded me of why I became so passionate...

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    True Inventiveness at Artisan Restaurant in Southport

    The words that come to mind when speaking to Executive Chef Frederic Kieffer of Artisan Restaurant, Tavern and Garden in Southport are: spontaneity, inventiveness, inspiration, and vision. He is not just another award winning chef, but a man who truly understands the complexity of food and the delicate balance of the farming process. When one of his farmers has an excess of a certain crop, Chef Kieffer’s mission is to buy as much as he can and use his ingenuity to create more menu items around that particular food. You can’t get more creative and empathic than that! Sure,...