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  • Dollarphotoclub_69365891
    Avoiding Exercise – What’s Your Excuse?

    We can all agree that the benefits of exercise are endless, however despite this many of us do not have a workout routine. The reasons differ from person to person but most commonly include limited time, pain, and frustration with not seeing results. When several obstacles are in our way we become less likely to put forth the energy, and when we do we are less likely to find joy in it. In order to overcome these ruts we need to explore the various hurdles that may be preventing you from getting into a healthier routine. No Time to...

  • Dollarphotoclub_69102522
    Swimsuit Season is Almost Here…Eliminate that Cellulite for Good!

    You’re probably thinking … “seriously…this sounds way too good to be true.” And over the years, you’ve probably seen and tried many “miracle” cures for cellulite, but none of them worked. Liposuction or plastic surgery is an option, but both are very expensive, invasive and carry medical risks. Finally, an alternative is here and it’s called the Synergie® Aesthetic Massage System (AMS). Not only is it proven safe and effective by the FDA, but there is research behind the technology to boot! So, what exactly is cellulite and how does it form on the body? Cellulite is mostly made...

  • Dollarphotoclub_104873784
    Skip Being the Good Mom and Get Naughty

    I spent years trying to be the Good Mom. One year I grew Roma tomatoes in clay pots that I hand painted with the kids handprints. I blanched, peeled, blended, stewed and canned my way to the top of the neighborhood-mom-food-chain by making home-made organic pasta sauce for everyone to feed their kids. Everyone asked me, “How do you do it all?” They would tell me that I was the most amazing mom! Amazing. And fat. And depressed. And miserable. In order to achieve Good Mom status, I abandoned my needs to gain the approval of others. I didn’t...

  • Dandelion-Greens
    Spring for Dandelion Greens

    I always find myself craving fresh spring greens as the weather warms. Something about the bracing bitterness of the greens awakens my palate and promises a cleansing after a long season of heavy foods. Dandelion greens are the most ubiquitous of these spring greens, emerging on our lawns almost as soon as the snow melts. Most of us opt not to harvest our own dandelions, even though the entire plant, from root to flower, is edible and chock full of incredible nutrition. In fact, we do our best to kill these “nuisance weeds” while opting to buy our bitter...

  • Dollarphotoclub_73115025
    The Power of Meditation and Mindfulness for Stressed Out Mom’s

    Motherhood. Wow! Children add a new dimension to our lives. Our lives are full. We have unending to do lists. We multitask well. Adding meditation practices radically improves our ability to cope with and even thrive with all our responsibilities. The Power of Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation has been a practice used for thousands of years for seekers of higher consciousness. For us, in this modern day, it is medicine for alleviating stress, managing emotions, decreasing anxiety and depression, and guiding us in good decision-making. It has physical, mental and emotional benefits. We were born as babies living in...

  • Dollarphotoclub_89871703
    Trouble Getting Pregnant Again? Using Mind-Body Techniques for Secondary Infertility

    Couples look forward to growing their families and can be in for a shock when baby No. 2 is not so easy to conceive, especially when they had no trouble before. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, an estimated 3 million women suffer from secondary infertility, a condition defined as the inability to conceive after having had at least one live birth. There are several different reasons that secondary infertility can occur. One of the most natural and inevitable is age. Our bodies change over time and our fertility decreases. We also can’t discount the effects of...

  • Dollarphotoclub_95785632_cropped
    Healthy Eating for Busy Moms

    Imagine this scene—a day in the life of a busy mom… It’s the morning witching hour. You’ve got two kids (or more!) to corral. They’re moving ‘slowly’. You have to get them dressed, fed, and out the door in time for the bus (not to mention wake them up because they don’t seem to be stirring with your frequent requests!). You’re running back and forth from their bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom… well, maybe ‘walking quickly’! Is this a daily weekday event in your household? It is in mine! I remember a time when I was a...

  • life_beautiful22
    How I Lost My Passion in Life and Love + Exactly How I Got It Back

    Have you ever woken up one day, looked around at your life and thought, “This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife! MY GOD!…WHAT HAVE I DONE?” Yes, I’m quoting the Talking Heads, where David Byrne plays make-believe imagining himself as a suburban husband smacked with a midlife crisis. This was my life a few years ago. I was unhappy in my job (which was really bad because it was a business I created), in my relationship (which was even worse because I was married to my business partner) and just in general…my life. How...