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A Different Perspective on Food, Weight Loss, and Healing

A Different Perspective on Food, Weight Loss, and Healing

This past October, I had a once in a lifetime experience. The Dalai Lama came to Danbury, CT, and I had a chance to be there. It was an amazing ex [...]


By Tom Moorcroft, DO Have you ever taken a walk on a sandy beach or through tall, green grass moistened by the morning dew and felt a slight tingle [...]

Vitamin D in Health and Disease

By Paul D. Tortland, DO Vitamin D is an important vitamin, right?  Wrong! Sorry, it’s a trick question. Contrary to popular belief, vitamin D is [...]

Perspectives on 20 Years of Breast Cancer Awareness

As a 52 year-old-woman and a naturopathic physician who has specialized in women’s health for 20 years, I am acutely aware of how breast cancer affect [...]

Raising Children Naturally

Introduction In today’s world it is vital to make natural choices whenever possible. Making the natural choice is important for two reasons: 1. to [...]
Can Your Lifestyle Be Causing Bone Loss?

Can Your Lifestyle Be Causing Bone Loss?

Our bones have the job of providing a solid frame to support our organs, muscles and skin. Although we think of adult bones as being hard and unchangi [...]

Addressing Underlying Medical Conditions in Autism

By Dr. Deb Bossio   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently estimate that 1 in 110 children in the United States are diagnosed wi [...]
Integrative Manual Therapy and Nutritional Wellness for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Integrative Manual Therapy and Nutritional Wellness for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Introduction: Is recovery from Autism possible? This is a common question in many parents’ minds today, along with: what will it take? Autism is a [...]
Create Your Herbal First Aid Kit

Create Your Herbal First Aid Kit

I find the herbal first aid kit an important addition to my travels. First aid does not have to mean something serious.  Rather, it can just mean the [...]

Do We Really Need To Take Vitamins & Supplements?

As a naturopathic physician, my medical education was rooted deeply in understanding how nutrition plays an enormous role in combating disease and ach [...]

Hypothyroid Symptoms – They’re Not in Your Head!

An interview with Dr. Frank Aieta (West Hartford), a Licensed Naturopathic Physician; Dr. Ann Aresco (Kensington), a Licensed Naturopathic Physician; [...]

The Flu Vaccine – By Dr. Frank Aieta, ND

It’s flu season again, and I’ve been receiving countless e-mails from patients and readers regard­ing the flu vaccination asking whether they should g [...]

The Standard American Diet and Why it Makes us Fat – by Shoshana Levinson, MS., cDN.

The Standard American Diet that I’ll refer to as SAD, is one that has too many calories, too much sugar and refined carbohydrate, too little of the go [...]

Bioidentical Hormones Replacement – by Henry C. Sobo, MD

Synthetic pharmaceuticals prescribed as “hormone replacement” therapy have for years been among the most widely prescribed medications in The United S [...]

Don’t fail me now! Amatsu perspectives on foot care. – by Andrew K Davies

Don't fail me now! Amatsu perspectives on foot care. Amatsu therapy employs the skill of Seitai (true body) in assessing and re-balancing the struc [...]

Whole Body Vibration Machines: Do They Really Work? – By Kelli Swick B.S.

Remember the vibrating belt exerciser? This rather comical 1950's contraption was placed around your thighs and buttocks and claimed to increase fat b [...]

Diet and Your Bones – By Desmond Ebanks, MD

As a doctor practicing integrative medicine, I find that education is as important to my patients as anything else I do. We focus on maintaining healt [...]

Autism: Connecting Through CranioSacral Therapy – By Karen Elizabeth Rowan, LMT, CST

There are a number of health modalities available today that can support a child, teen or an adult that has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Dis [...]

Spring Cleaning For the Body and Soul – By Lisl Meredith Huebner, Dipl. CH

As we awaken from the confinement of winter, we can imagine our ancestors also emerging from their hibernation. The snow is still persistent in shady [...]
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